Radio Show: September 22nd, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show that is totally righteous! Listen up every week on KAOS 89.3 fm in Olympia, WA. Mackenzie was the host for this show and Willow was the guest dj for the second hour…

Carrion Spring – “A Short History of Decay” from A Short History of Decay (Bear – 2011)

The Body – “Do They Owe Us a Living?” from Anthology (Corleone – 2011)
Ragana – “Slowly” from All’s Lost (self released – 2012)
The Mob – “Witch Hunt” from Let the Tribe Increase (All The Madmen – 1980)

Shook Ones – “Order Form” from Split with Easel (Alliance Trax – 2007)
The Sidekicks – “Looking” from Weight of Air (Red Scare – 2009)
Grimace – “Iron Heel” from their five song tape (self released – 2012)


Sick Fix – “Liberty Lost” from Vexed (A389 – 2012)
Left for Dead – “Skin Graft” from Splitting Heads (No Idea – 1998)
Catharsis – “Sacred and Profane (The Carnal Prayer Mat)” from Samsara (Good Life – 1997)

Converge – “No Light Escapes” from Split with Napalm Death (Deathwish – 2012)
Torche – “Across the Shields” from Meanderthal (Robotic Empire – 2008)
Nails – “Confront Them” from Obscene Humanity (Six Feet Under/Streetcleaner – 2009)

Dick Binge – “American Cream” from Listen Hard (self released – 2012)
Disparate – “Stuck” from their demo (self released – 2012)
Dogjaw – “Grip” from Slow to Build (Rumbletowne – 2012)
Margy Pepper – “Deepest Bottom of the Darkest Lake” from Golden Webs (self released – 2012)

Willow was our guest dj for the second hour! Her set starts here….

Nu Sensae – “Cat’s Cradle” from TV, Death, and the Devil (Nominal)

Culo – “Walk Into Work / Shock Troops” from Nuke Abuse (Punks Before Process)
White Lung – “Elf / 546Kids” from It’s The Evil (Deranged)
Murderess – “Is This It” from The Last Thing You Will Ever See… (Aborted Society)

Spitboy – “Violent Tongue” from True Self Revealed (Ebullition)
Moss Icon – “Hate in Me” from the Hate in Me 7″ (Vermin )
Bob Tilton – “Be My Valentine” from Crescent (Subjugation )

Orchid – “None More Black” from Gatefold (Ebullition)
No Statik – “The Corpse We Will Become” from  We All Die In The End (Prank)
Brain Killer- “Freedom” from Every Actual State is Corrupt (Deranged)

Crazy Spirit – “Bricks” from Crazy Spirit (Toxic State)
Pissed Jeans – “Lip Ring” from King Of Jeans (Sub Pop)
Brown Sugar – “Valu Meal” from  Brown Sugar/May Day Split (Feral Kid)

Alpinist – “Listen!” from 2007 Demo (Fiducia)
Ache Hour Credo – “Strangled Planet” from  Discography (Unreleased)
Baby Harp Seal – “Litmus” from Baby Harp Seal 7″ (Chainsaw Safety)

Indian Summer – “Touch The Wings Of An Angel… Doesn’t Mean You Can Fly” from Science  (Future Recordings)
Portrait – “Constellations Of A Stargazing Iris” from Portrait  (Sanguine)
Agna Moraine’s Autobiography – “Like A Wish” from Chapter 2: The Recalcitrant Memory Of… (Anima)


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