Weekly Radio Show: October 15th, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm! Frankie B hosted this show and Alex P. Keaton  (Doc Hollywood, Hollywood Kill Krew, ex-Pasties) was our guest for the second set.

Ceremony, photo from Reid Haithcock (from Flickr)

Ceremony – “It Rained In My Head” from Scared People (Bridge Nine)

Please Inform the Captain This Is a Hijack – “Karma Collection Day” from Defeat or Humiliate the United States of America (Cleanplate)
Nomos – “Changeling” from the Notes From the Acheron 12″ (Deranged)
Ampere – “Chasing Ghosts” from Like Shadows (No Idea)
Daniel Striped Tiger – “Wait Outside” from No Difference (Cleanplate)

Witches – “Roy” from Forever (Bakery Outlet)
Defeater – “But Breathing” from Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (Bridge Nine)
Chuck Ragan – “Seems We’re Ok” from Covering Ground (Side One Dummy)


Pine Hill Haints – “Cukoo Bird” from Ghost Dance (K Records)
Songs for Moms – “I Used to Believe” from I Used to Believe in the West (Thrillhouse)
Paul Baribeau – “How Could That Be True” from Unbearable (No Idea)

Old Growth – “The Money’s Gone” from Out of the Sand and into the Streets (Bakery Outlet)
Screaming Females – “Nothing At All” from Castle Talk (Don Giovanni)
Big Kids – “Fuck the Party” from Phone Home (Protagonist)

High Tension Wires – “Incorporeal” from Welcome New Machine (Dirtnap)
Senders – “The Sea’s Weight” from Forget Me Not 7″ (Kiss of Death)
Baader Brains – “Year Zero” from The Complete Unfinished Works (Cleanplate)

Alex P. Keaton was our special guest dj for the second hour:

Dillinger Four – “Thanks for Nothing Part 2” from Split with Pinhead Gunpowder (Adeline)
Toy Dolls – “One Night in Moscow” from Histlry, Vol. 2 (Receiver)
The Vandals – “Power Mustache” from Live Fast Diarrhea (Nitro)

F.Y.P. – “Boo Hoo” from Dance My Dunce (Recess)
NOFX – “The Malachi Crunch” from Ribbed (Fat)
Against Me! – “Burn” from Crime as Forgiven By… (Plan-It-X)

Catharsis – “Bow Down: Every Bent Knee Shall Break” from Samasara (Good Life)
Propagandhi – “The State Lottery” from Less Talk, More Rock (Fat)
Toys that Kill – “We Control the Sun” from Control The Sun (Recess)

Refused – “Deadly Rhythm” from The Shape of Punk to Come (Burning Heart)
Randy – “Cheater” from Welfare Problems (Epitaph)
The Pasties – “Fist in the Air” from Punk as Folk (Na-Na-Na-NaBooBoo, Yoyo Records)

Hollywood Kill Krew – “Oly (radio edit)” from Smokemonster (self-released)
Doc Hollywood – “Song” from Decline Radio Demo (self-released)
Doc Hollywood – “Song” from Decline Radio Demo (self-released)

Dillinger Four – “Wrecktheplacefantastic” from Versus God (Hopeless)

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