Radio Show: October 13, 2012

We’ve got a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3 fm in Olympia, WA. Mackenzie was the host for the show and Willow was our guest dj for the second set. Awesome!

Curmudgeon – “Dysmorphic” from the Curmudgeon EP (To Live A Lie/Bullshit Propaganda – 2012)

Nu Sensae – “Swim” from Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze – 2012)

Sick Fix – “Song” from album (Third Party)
Cerce – “How To Be A Woman” from Teen Bible EP (self-released – 2011)
Hop Along – “Kids on the Boardwalk” from Get Disowned (Hot Green – 2012)

Converge – “Trespasses” from All We Love We Leave Behind (Epitaph – 2012)
Verse – “The Silver Spoon and the Empty Plate” from Verse (Bridge Nine – 2012)


Mindset – “Leave No Doubt” from Leave No Doubt (React! – 2012)
La Bella – “Brukman Factory” from Recomposition (Valley Press – 2012)
Ten Thousand Leagues – “Robin Scherbatsky” from Summer Tour Demo (self-released – 2012)

Beau Navire – “Ghostlike” from Republic of Dreams Split 7″ (label)
Darto – “I” from All Eyes (self-released)
Dreamdecay – “II” from Fern (self-released)

Criminal Code – “Wasteland” from Cold Thought (label)
Red Dons – “My Life in Exile” from Fake Meets Failure (label)
The Mob – “Never Understood” from Let The Mob Increase (label)

The Estranged – “The Subliminal Man” from The Subliminal Man (label)
Adelit@s – “Terremoto” from No Hay Descanso (label)
Arctic Flowers – “Vexed” from Reveries (Inimical)

Willow was our guest for the second set! Her music starts here…

Siren Songs – “Cans on a Shelf” from their demo (self released – 2011)

Good Luck – “How to Live Here” from Into Lake Griffy (No Idea – 2009)
The Ergs – “Most Violent Rap Group” from Dork Rock Cork Rod  (Don Giovanni – 2005)
Margy Pepper – “Little Kat” from No Boys No Bass (self released 2011)
Your Heart Breaks – “Warm in Winter” from New Ocean Waves (Plan It X – 2006)

Nuzzle – “Crimson Tide” from Anchors Astreigh 7″ (Youth Strike Chord – 1994)
Sore Eyelids – “Still I’m Here” from Sore Eyelids (Serene Records – 2012)
The Sea The Sea – “Paperboy” from The Sea The Sea (Neon Boombox – 2004)
Embrace – “Building” from Embrace (Dischord – 1987)

Palatka – “If You’re Not Satisfied with the Current Arrangement” from The End of Irony (No Idea – 1999)
Shikari – “Utopia Dismantled” from Shikari (Level Plane – 2002)
Harriet The Spy – “Girls in Bikinis” from Unfuckwithable (Troubleman Unlimited – 1997)


got an update about one of these bands?

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