Radio Show: November 17, 2012

Campfire Island has a radio show every Saturday night on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Mackenzie did the first hour, Frankie B did the second. Righteous…

Baader Brains – “Vostok Welcoming Party” from New Era Hope Colony (Clean Plate/Ebullition – 2012)

La Bella – “Todo Para Todos” from Recomposition (Valley Press – 2012)
Belgrado – “Clockwise” from Belgrado (Discos Enfermos – 2011)
The Bellicose Minds – “Oppression Depression” from The Buzz and Howl Session demo (self released – 2009)

Body Betrayal – “Spilling of Secrets” from their demo (self released – 2012)
Permanent Ruin – “I Am Your Release” from their demo (self released – 2011)
Cloud Rat – “Keba” from their Split with Republic of Dreams (Robotic Empire – 2012)


Republic of Dreams – “Golden Parachutes for Carpetbaggers” from Split with Beau Navire (Robotic Empire – 2012)
Beau Navire – “Prisms” from Lumens (React With Protest – 2012)
Loma Prieta – “Fly By Night” from I.V. (Deathwish Inc. – 2012)

Animal Faces – “Breathe Lightly” from Anomie (I.corrupt/Friends for Life – 2012)
Raein – “Trasparenti oscure virtù” from Sulla Linea D’Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti (self released – 2011)
Daitro – “song” from Vinyl Collected (Adagio830 – 2010)

Paint It Black – “Salem” from Amnesia EP (Bridge Nine – 2009)
Look Back and Laugh – “Heathen” from S/T #2 (Lengua Armada – 2005)
Capitalist Casualties – “Your Fake Generation” from Dope and War 7″ (Slap A Ham – 1997)

Ritual Mess – “Pig Island” from Ritual Mess 7″ (Clean Plate – 2012)
Vaccine – “Blind Consumption” from their Split 7″ with Coke Bust (Refuse – 2012)
Won’t Belong – “Refusal” from Wont Belong Demo 2011 (Self-Released)

Forgetters – “O Deadly Death” from Forgetters (Too Small To Fail – 2012)
Brighter Arrows – “Departing” from Division And What It Is To Abide (The Ghost Is Clear – 2012)
Kite Party – “Welcome to Miami” from Baseball Season (Animal Style – 2011)

Right around here, Frank started kicking out the jams…

Post Teens – “Turn Down the Teen Rebellion” from The Hear 7″ (No Idea)
The Hex Dispensers – “Young Blood in the River” from Parallel 7″ (Red Lounge)
Diet Cokeheads – “M. Dumptruck” from the Ocular 7″ (Vinyl Rites)

The New Trust – “A Spoiled Sunrise, A Cheap Reveal” from Dark is the Path that Lies Before Us (Pandacide)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “I’m Guilty” from Demon’s Demands (Iron Lung)
Acid Fast – “Reigny Treason” from the Acid Fast 7″ (Protagonist)

White Lung – “Breaking Boxes” from Local Garbage 7″ (Hockey Dad)
Titus Andronicus – “In a Big City” from Local Business (XL Recordings)
Kim Phuc – “Animal Mother” from Copsucker (Iron Lung)

C Average – “Dark Harbour” from KRS Mailorder Freaks: February ’98 (Kill Rock Stars)
764 Hero – “Garrison” from the Garrison 7″ (label)
Kicking Giant – “She’s Real” from the She’s Real 7″ (K records)

The Need – “Pony 4 Henry” from Jacky O’ Lantern 7″ (Outpunk)
Witchy Poo – “You Belong to Me” from The Groaning Machine (Kill Rock Stars)
The Old Haunts – “Out of Sight” from Split with Red Eyed Legends (Nodak)

True North – “Fuck It, Let’s Fight” from the Put Your Nightlife Where Your Mouth Is 12″ (No Idea)
Burnman – “Deception” from Notes From a Catalog For An Exhibition (No Idea)
Tired From Now On – “What’s Up Organ Moaner” from Romantic (No Idea)

Bikini Kill – “Daddy’s Little Girl” from the Give Me Back Compilation LP (Ebullition)
Fields Lay Fallow – “Notes on Hate” from One Hundred Years of High Rises (Lunchbox)
The Hated – “Fly” from unreleased songs (unreleased)

Universal Order of Armageddon – “Painfully Obvious” from Split 7″ with Born Against (Gravity)
Born Against – “Bit Part in a Bad Movie” from Split 7″ with Universal Order of Armageddon (Gravity)


got an update about one of these bands?

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