Radio Show: May 5th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Mack hosted the first hour and Fajr Wilson (MORGAN AND THE ORGAN DONORS, SISTERHOOD, HELLWOMAN) was our guest for the second hour!

Code Orange Kids
Code Orange Kids, photo by Tanner Douglass

Code Orange Kids – “Walls (We Lose Each Other)” from Cycles (Mayfly)
(photo of Code Orange Kids by Tanner Douglass Photography)

Born Against – “Mary & Child” from Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children (Vermiform)
Soil – “Breathe” from To Wither (self-released)
Drug Culture – “To Cope” from their demo (self-released)
Outlook – “Not In My Name” from Our Time Is Now (self-released)

Baader Brains – “Year Zero” from The Complete Unfinished Works of the Young Tigers (Clean Plate)
Torches to Rome – “Young Arsenal” from Torches to Rome (Ebullition)
Bread and Circuits – “The End of History” from Bread and Circuits (Ebullition)

Trial – “War By Other Means” from Are These Our Lives? (Equal Vision)
Strain – “Cataract” from Repetition (Heart First)
Paint It Black – “The New Brutality” from Paradise (Jade Tree)

Best Coast – “Feeling of Love” from Make You Mine (Group Tightener)
Chelsea Wolfe – “Demons” from Apokalypsis (Pendu Sound)
Joyce Manor – “Call Out (Laundry)” from Joyce Manor (6131)

Lemuria – “Who Would Understand a Turtle?” from The First Collection (Art of the Underground)
Mindset – “Words” from REALPOWER (React)
Pygmy Lush – “Send Bombs” from Bitter River (Robotic Empire)

From Ashes Rise – “Dotted Lines” from From Ashes Rise (The Great American Steak Religion)
Negative Approach – “Nothing” from Negative Approach (Touch and Go)
Good Luck – “Decider” from Without Hesitation (No Idea)

Fajr was our ultra rad guest for the second hour. Her music starts here…

Iggy Pop – “Bulldozer” from Zombie Birdhouse (Get Back)
The B52s – “52 Girls” from The B52s (Weiner)
The Germs – “Forming” from Germicide (Mohawk)

The Spits – “Tonight” from The Spits (In The Red)
Flipper – “In Life My Friends” from Gone Fishin (Subterranean)
Meat Puppets – “Aurora Borealis” from II (Ryko)

Stevie Wonder – “Too High” from Innervisions (CRC)
Biz Markie – “Romeo & Juliet” from I Need a Haircut (Cold Chillin’)
Gino Washington – “Around the Town” from Out of this World (Norton)

The Sapphires – “Who Do You Love?” from Who Do You Love 7″ (Swan)
Abner Jay – “My Middle Name is the Blues” from Last Ole Minstrel Man (Mississippi)
Marvin Gaye – “Heavy Love Affair” from In Our Lifetime (Motown)

Gary Numan – “Telekon” from Telekon (Beggar’s Banquet)
The Germs – “What We Do Is Secret” from G.I. (Rhino)
The Germs – “Communist Eyes” from G.I. (Rhino)
Harry Nilsson – “Daybreak” from The Son of Dracula (Rapple)

Iggy Pop – “Fun Time” from The Idiot (4 Men with Beards)


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