Radio Show: May 26th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA – and it totally rules! We play punk, post-punk and hardcore – plus anything Shannen wants to.

Replica (Oakland, CA)
Replica (Oakland, CA), photo from their Facebook page

Replica – “You Can’t Stop the Weather” from the Replica demo (self-released)

Future Virgins – “No Echo” from Western Problems (Starcleaner / Plan-It-X)
Joyce Manor – “Comfortable Clothes” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Asian Man)
The Men – “Please Don’t Go Away” from Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)

Hunting Party – “Red Summer” from the Hunting Party Demo (self-released)
Magrudergrind – “Leech” from Crusher (To Live a Lie)
Double Negative – “Knife on a String” from Daydreamnation (Sorry State)


Sonic Avenues – “Static Attraction” from Television Youth (Dirtnap)
Grass Widow – “Under the Atmosphere” from Internal Logic (HLR)
Mind Spiders – “Upside Down” from Meltdown (Dirtnap)
Cheap Time – “Hall Of Mirrors” from Wallpaper Music (In The Red)

Wild Assumptions – “Run Like You” from the Wild Assumptions 7″ (Plan-It-X / Lost Cat / Sweethearts with Slingshots)
Best Coast – “Let’s Go Home” from The Only Place (Mexican Summer)
Screaming Females – “Extinction” from Ugly (Don Giovanni)

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. – “I Got Nothin'” from Make It Thorough the Night (Doomtown Sounds / Static Age)
CockSparrer – “We Love You” from True Grit (Razor)
An Arrow In Flight – “Potential For Life Truly Lived” from Various Movements and Methods (self-released)

Mauser – “Social Lobotomy” from their 2012 Summer Tour EP (Vinyl Rites)
Swing Ding Amigos – “Hey Genie” from The Mongolita Chronicles (Rock N Roll Purgatory / Wrong Hole)
Deep Sleep – “Live Forever” from Turn Me Off (Grave Mistake)
Fucked Up – “The Black Hats” from Year of the Pig (What’s Your Rupture)

Shannen’s set starts here…

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “You’re Gonna Miss Me” from Thirteenth Floor Elevators (Sundazed)
Roxy Erickson and the Aliens – “Two Headed Dog” from The Evil One (Sympathy For the Record Industry)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Reverberation” from Thirteenth Floor Elevators (Sundazed)
Roxy Erickson – “I Know the Hole in Baby’s Head” (from YouTube)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Reverberation” from Thirteenth Floor Elevators (Sundazed)

Françoise Hardy – “J’suis D’Accord” from La Collection (Disques Vogue)
Françoise Hardy – “Va Pas Prendre Un Tambour” from La Collection (Disques Vogue)
Françoise Hardy – “Je N’Attends” from La Collection (Disques Vogue)
Pretty Things – “Rainin’ In My Heart” from Vintage Years (Sire)
David J – “I’ll Be Your Chauffeur” from the I’ll Be Your Chauffeur 12″ (Beggars Banquet)

Brian Eno – “King’s Lead Hat” from Before and After Science (Jem)
Wild Thing – “Can’t Stand It/You” from the Wild Thing 7″ (Clown College)

Gun Outfit – “White Light” from the Gun Outfit 12″ (Make a Mess)
Townes Van Zandt – “I’ll Be Here in the Morning” from Townes Van Zandt (Poppy)



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