Radio Show: March 31st, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Frankie B and Seven were the hosts this week. Shannen Hansen (Hysterics) was our awesome guest for the second hour!

The Revival Tour 2012, photo by elawgrrl
The Revival Tour 2012, photo by elawgrrl

The Revival Tour – “Bedroll Lullaby” from 2011 Collections (Ten Four)
(the photo of The Revival Tour is by Nicole Kibert at

Dogjaw – “Time” from Slow to Build (Rumbletowne)
Ex Wife – “Visions” from their June EP (self-released)
Sonic Avenues – “Static Attraction” from Television Youth (Dirtnap)

No Comply – “It’s Getting Hot” from the It’s Getting Hot EP (Goner)
Fucked Up – “Neat Parts” from Couple Tracks (Matador)
Punch – “Semantically Challenged” from the Eyeless EP (625 Thrashcore/Discos Huelgas)

La Dispute – “You and I in Unison” from Wildlife (No Sleep)
Loma Prieta – “Biography” from I.V. (Deathwish Inc.)
Ceremony – “Ordinary People” from Zoo (Matador)

Mind Spiders – “Wait For Us” from Meltdown (Dirtnap)
Tubers – “Ain’t Got No Honeybabe Now” from Tubers (Bakery Outlet)
Nightlights – “Truffle Shuffle” from So It Goes (Eulogy)

Divers – “Montrose” from the Divers 7″ (Rumbletowne)
The Underground Railroad to Candyland – “My Number’s on the Stall” from Knows Your Sins (Recess)
Something Fierce – “When You Hurt” from Don’t Be So Cruel (Dirtnap)

Grass Widow – “Milo Minute” from their Milo Minute 7″ (HLR)

Shannen was the guest for the second set. Her rad music starts here:

Oooga Boogas – “Sentimental Stranger” from the Sentimental Stranger 7″ (Aarght!)
The Brood – “But You’re Gone” from the But You’re Gone 7″ (Get Hip)
Protex – “Strange Things” from Strange Obsessions (Sing Sing)

The Wipers – “Better Off Dead” from Complete Rarities ’98-’99 (True Believers)
Alternative Strategies – “Grey Skies” from Turquoise Days (Minimal Wave)
Iggy Pop – “The Horse Song” from Zombie Birdhouse (Animal)

Super Wild Horses – “89 Cadet” from Super Wild Horses (Aarght!)
Total Control – “Total Control” from Total Control (Aarght!)

Sex Church – “Not Anymore” from Sex Church (Convulsive)
The Stooges – “No Fun” from The Stooges (Electra)
Led Zeppelin – “Out On The Tiles” from III (Atlantic)

Husker Du – “All Tensed Up” from Land Speed Record (SST)
Void – “Organized Sports / Annoyed” and “Controller / Revolt” and “Condensed Flesh” from Condensed Flesh (Eye 95)

Saccharine Trust – “A Human Certainty” from Paganicons (SST)



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