Radio Show: March 24th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA airing every Saturday from 10pm to Midnight (Pacific). Frankie B hosted this show with TWO guests: Mackenzie Menkins and Michael Friese.

Outer Minds (Chicago, IL)
Outer Minds (Chicago, IL), photo from the Hozac Records website

Outer Minds – “Always in My Head” from Outer Minds (Southpaw)

Glass Hits – “God Hates Lincoln, Nebraska and So Do I” and “Exit Strategies” from Pioneers Get The Arrows, Settlers Get the Land (self-released)
Mind Spiders – “Upside Down” and “Skull-eyed” from Meltdown (Dirtnap)
Ceremony – “Community Service” from Zoo (Matador)

Hoax – “Stuck” from the Hoax Demo (self released)
Culo – “Neighborhood Watch” from Toxic Vision (Deranged)
Double Negative – “Stop Growing” from The Wonderful and Frightening World Of … (No Way)

Omegas – “Kill For Control” from Blasts of Lunacy (Parts Unknown)
The Mob – “Cry of a Morning” from Let the Tribe Increase (All The Madmen)
No Statik – “The Corpse We Will Become” from We All Die In The End (Prank)

Nasum – “Circle of Defeat” from Shift (Burning Heart)
The Rival Mob – “Hardcore for Hardcore” from Hardcore for Hardcore (Deranged)
Brain Killer – “So Much Hate” from Every Actual State is Corrupt  (Vinyl Rites)

Mauser – “Strangle” from the End of the Line EP (Vinyl Rites)
Joyce Manor – “Beach Community” from Joyce Manor (6131)
Dropdead – “You Have a Voice” from Dropdead (Selfless)

No Tolerance – “Boston Ex” from Boston Straight Edge (540)
Mindset – “Create/Control” from Time & Pressure (React)
Scapegoat – “Song” from the Scapegoat LP (Painkiller)

Shoppers – “IV” from Silver Year (Deranged)
Creem – “Sick of You” from Hates Cassette (self-released)
Tear It Up – “Everybody Hates Me” from Taking You Down With Me (Havoc)

Moss Icon – “Kick the Can” from Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly (Vermiform)
Antisect – “Tortured and Abused” from In Darkness, There Is No Choice (Spiderleg)
Best Coast – “When I’m With You” from Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)

The Replacements – “Seen Your Video” and “Gary’s Got a Boner” from Let It Be (Twin/Tone)
Sex Pistols – “(I’m not your) Stepping Stone” from Flogging a Dead Horse (Virgin)

Dead Kennedys – “Hop with the Jet Set” from Bedtime for Democracy (Alternative Tentacles)
Damned – “Neat Neat Neat” from Another Great Record (Ace)
Stooges – “Now I Wanna B Your Dog” from Stooges (Elektra)

Misfits – “Astro Zombies” from Walk Among Us (Ruby)
7 Seconds – “In Your Face” from Walk Together/Rock Together (Positive Force)

Hatred Surge – “Infinity” from Deconstruct (Rescued From Life)
Boston Strangler – “First Offense” from Primitive (Fun with Smack)
Pygmy Lush – “Admit” from Old Friends (Lovitt)

Circle Jerks – “Product of My Environment” from Golden Shower of Hits (LAX)
999 – “Little Red Riding Hood” from The Vinyl Solution (Rebel)

Lync – “Lightbulb Switch” from Lync 7″ (K records)




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