Weekly Radio Show: March 19th, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm!

The Marked Men at Emo's in Austin, Texas. July 2008 photo by Matthew Juarez
The Marked Men at Emo's in Austin, Texas. July 2008 photo by Matthew Juarez

The Marked Men – “Stay Home” from Fix My Brain (Dirtnap)

Pygmy Lush – “Rut Gluttony” from their Split with Turboslut (Exotic Fever)
Lemuria – “Chautauqua County” from Pebble (Bridge Nine)
Lenguas Largas – “No Me Gusta La Pepsi” from How a Man Should Live (¡Ekk! Sounds)

White Wires – “Let’s Go to the Beach” from WWII (Dirtnap)
No Age – “Everybody’s Down” from Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat)
The Ergs – “Bridge” from Jersey’s Best Prancers (Don Gionvanni)


Des Ark – “Some Are Love” from Loose Lips Sink Ships (Bakery Outlet)
Paint It Black – “Ghosts” from Paradise (Jade Tree)
White Lung – “Wild Failure” from It’s the Evil (Deranged)

Liquid Limbs – “We Don’t Get No Sleep” from Orquid (Sound Study)
Western Hymn – “Take This Weight” from their Out of the Way EP (K Records)
Parts & Labor – “Constant Future” from Constant Future (Jagjaguwar)

Vivian Girls – “Going Insane” from Vivian Girls (In The Red)
Big Eyes – “I Prefer to Be Alone” from their Demo 7″ (Evil Weevil)
Swing Ding Amigos – “Sister Gene” from Kings Of Culo (Recess)

Smokejumper – “Be The Man” from the How The West Was One Compilation (Intervention)
The Measure [SA] – “Drunk By Noon” from Songs About People … And Fruit n’ Shit (Don Giovanni)
Nana Grizol – “Gave On” from Ruth (Orange Twin)

The Exploding Hearts – “Thorns in Roses” from Guitar Romantic (Dirtnap)
Shark Pants – “Fitty Bup” from Automatic Pinner (Recess)
Too Many Daves – “Restraining Order” from Too Many Daves (A.D.D.)

Joe Barresi was our guest for the second set!

Teenage Cool Kids – “Calm Me Down” from Foreign Lands

Huggy Bear – “Carn’t Kiss” from Taking The Rough With The Smooch
Lifetime – “Young, Loud, and Scotty” from Jersey’s Best Dancers (Jade Tree)
The Wipers – “Wait a Minute” from Is This Real?

Jawbreaker – “Friends Back East” from Etc. (Blackball)
Spoonboy – “Second Hand Smoke” from I Love You, This Is A Robbery
Shorebirds – “Olympia Autumn Morning” from It’s Gonna Get Ugly (Rumbletowne)

Swing Kids – “Warsaw” from Discography
At the Drive-In – “Extracurricular” from Relationship Of Command
Refused – “Rather Be Dead” from Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent

Mountain Man – “Antarctica Is Everywhere” from One
His Hero Is Gone  – “Concrete Cage” from Fifteen Counts of Arson
Leatherface – “Not A Day Goes By” from Mush

Shook Ones – “Order Form” from their Split EP with Easel
Braid – “Milwaukee Sky Rocket” from Frame and Canvas
The Ambulars – “Marianne and Ferdinand” from Nothing to Say from Miles Away

One Reason – “Sometimes We Bleed” from All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home
P.S. Eliot – “Tennessee” from Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds




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