Radio Show: June 30th, 2012

We’ve got a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA! Shannen played all the music for this show.

Shop Assistants – “I Don’t’ Want to Be Friends with You” from Shop Assistants (4 Men with Beards 2012, originally 1986)

Dolly Mixture – “Will He Kiss Me Tonight” from Demonstration Tapes (Germs of Youth – 2010, originally 1984)
Vivian Girls – “Blind Spot” from the I Can’t Stay 7″ (In The Red – 2008)
My Bloody Valentine – “Slow” from the You Made Me Realize EP (Creation – 1988)

Grass Widow – “Fried Egg” from Past Time (Kill Rock Stars – 2010)
Brilliant Colors – “English Cities” from Introducing (Slumberland – 2009)
Celia and the Mutations – “You Better Believe Me” from Celia and the Mutations (United Arts – 1977)

Kleenex – “Nice” from Untitled (Sunrise – 1978)
Wipers – “Better Off Dead” from the Better Off Dead 7″ (Zeno – 1978)
Sex Vid – “Exorcism” from Nests (Dom America)
Pissed Jeans – “False Jesii Part 2” from King of Jeans (Sub Pop – 2009)

Infest – “Terminal Nation” from No Man’s Slave (Deep Six/Draw Blank)
Hoax – “Fagget” from the Hoax 7″ (Deranged/Katorga Works)
Ramones – “I Don’t Want to Walk Around with You” from Ramones (Sire)
Misfits – “2o Eyes” from Walk Among Us (Ruby)
Minutemen – “Corona” from Double Nickels on the Dime (SST)

Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl” from the Bikini Kill 7″ (Kill Rock Stars)
Black Flag – “Depression” from Everything Went Black (SST)
Adolescents – “No Way” from Adolescents (Frontier)

Milk Music – “Violence Now” from Nuts Fanzine flexi-disk (Perennial/Nuts)
Hysterics – “Arm Candy” from Hysterics (M’lady’s)
Spiritual Warriors – “demo” from their Demo (self-released)
The Comes – “さらけだせ” from No Side (Dogma, City Rocker)

Lou Reed – “Heroin” from Rock n Roll Animal (RCA – 2012, originally 1974)
Evie Sands – “Take Me for a Little While” from Any Way That You Want Me (Rev-Ola -2005, originally 1970)
Kinks – “Set Me Free” from Kinda Kinks (Castle – 2005, originally 1965)

Rod Stewart – “Every Picture Tells a Story” from Every Picture Tells a Story (Mercury, originally 1971)
Canned Heat – “On The Road Again” from On The Road Again (EMI – 1989)

Crazy Spirit – “I’m Dead” from the I’m Dead 7″ (Mata La Musica – 2011)
Forward – “What’s the Meaning of Love? from Just Go Forward to Death (HG Fact – 2000)
Creem – “Good Riddance” and “I Hate You” from the Good Riddance/I Hate You 7″ (Katorga Works – 2011)
Needles – LIVE AT GILMAN (It’s on Youtube, folks… go look for it)
Left For Dead – “Plant the Seed” from Left For Dead (Deranged – 2006)
Cold Sweat – “Blinded” from Blinded (Manic Ride – 2004)

No Statik – “Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed” from the Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed/We All Die In The End 7″ (Iron Lung – 2010)
Son Skull – “Perennial Death” from Son Skull (Perennial – 2010)
Crude Thought – “Flowers” from their DEMO (self-released)

Iggy Pop – “Sixteen” from the I Got a Right 7″ (RCA – 1978)


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