Weekly Radio Show: June 18th, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm! Frankie B hosted this show and Ted Debray was our guest for the  second hour.

The Shitty Limits, photo by Owen Richards
The Shitty Limits, photo by Owen Richards (from his FLICKR photostream)

The Shitty Limits – “Your Limits are My Limits” from Beware the Limits (Sorry State)

Iron Lung – “Cauterization” from Life. Iron Lung. Death (625 Thrashcore)
Sisters – “Skeletate” from Everybody… (Parts Unknown)
White Wires – “I Can Tell” from WWII (Dirtnap)

Punch – “White Noise” from Push Pull (625 Thrashcore)
Milk Music – “Be Here Now” from Beyond Living (Perennial)
The Underground Railroad to Candyland – “Stop Cryin’ Kid” from Know Your Sins (Recess)


The Ergs – “It’ll Be Ok” from Upstairs / Downstairs (Dirtnap)
Wisdom Teeth – “Know Your Name” from Wisdom Teeth (Radio is Down)
Wild Flag – “Future Crimes” from a live recording in Olympia? (unreleased)

1994! – “Shut The Fuck Up” from FCKYRHEAD (Inkblot / Square of Opposition)
The Coathangers – “Chicken: 30” from Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze)
The Marked Men – “Whip Me” from their Split with This Is My Fist (No Idea)

VRGNS – “I’m Innocent” from Manimals (Kiss of Death)
Shannon and the Clams – “Toxic Revenge” from Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4 Go!)
Something Fierce – “Afghani Sands” from Don’t Be So Cruel (Dirtnap)

The Measure [SA] – “St. Kathleen” from Notes (No Idea)
Snowing – “Kirk Cameron Crowe” from Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit (Square of Opposition)
High Tension Wires – “Temporary Gods” from Welcome New Machine (Dirtnap)

Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say” from Share the Joy (Polyvinyl)
Cutman – “Bulldozer Blues” from No Trick Pony/Big Deal (Kiss of Death)
Algernon Cadwallader – “Pitfall” from Parrot Flies (Be Happy)

Ted Debray did a totally rad Austin / Chaos in Tejas set in the second hour. The .mp3 archive doesn’t include it, I think it’s because Kegcharge was more than the system could handle. 

Kegcharge – “Blood Mix Oil” from Sadistic War Glory (Hardcore Holocaust)
See You In Hell – “Jen Mrtvy Dech” from Utok (SPHC)
Black Sun – “Code Black” from their Split 7″ with They Are Cowards (At War With False Noise)

Offenders – ”Endless Struggle” from Endless Struggle (Rabid Cat)
Citizens Arrest – “Briviba” from Colossus (Fortress)
Citizen’s Arrest – “Touch and Go” from Colossus (Fortress)

Slang – “Drug Society” from Split 7” with Mind Eraser (540)
Crow – “Occupied Japan” from the Vertigo 7” (Prank)
Mind Eraser – “Prime” from their Split with Slang (540)
Mind Eraser – “Crushing in My Dreams” from their Split with Slang (540)

Cult of Youth – “Lace up Your Boots” from Cult of Youth (Sacred Bones)
Killing Joke – “Birds of a Feather” from the Birds of a Feather EP (EG)
X – “The Hungry Wolf” from Under the Big Black Sun (Porterhouse)

Kriegshog – “Zouo” from Kriegshog (HG Fact)
Kriegshog – “Evolution?” from Kriegshog (HG Fact)
Kriegshog – “Mutation” from Kriegshog (HG Fact)

Gauze – “山深雪未溶” from the Gauze 7″ (Prank)
Gauze – “Low Charge” from the Gauze 7″ (Prank)
Gauze – “Pressing On” from the Gauze 7″ (Prank)


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