Radio Show: June 16, 2012

We’ve got a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. This week, Mack was the host with Frankie B and Maria (Ragana, Disparate, Bitpart, Girls of Mars, Seed) was the guest for the second set!

Marrow (last show)
Marrow at their last show in Tacoma. Photo by Josh Simpson

Marrow – “Miasma” from The Sea Of… (Self-released)

Weekend Nachos – “Toothpaste” from Split 7″ w/ Lack of Interest (label)
Dead In The Dirt – “Burden of Life” from Fear 7″ (Southern Lord)
Heartless – “Pathogen” from Hell Is Other People (Southern Lord)
Cynarae – “Prostrate in Obeisance” from S/T (A389)

No Statik – “Never Be A Martyr” from Never Be A Martyr 7″ (Prank)
Replica – “Sycophant” from Demo Tape (Self-Released)
Negative Standards – “VII” from VI-XI (Vendetta)



The Ropes – “Your End” from The Ropes 7″ (Youth Attack)
The Ropes – “Vallum Cucoon” from The Ropes 7″ (Youth Attack)
The Ropes – “Collision’s End” from The Ropes 7″ (Youth Attack)
Adjustment to Society – “Blind Patronizing” from ATSX Demo (self-released)
Hysterics – “Sunk” from Hysterics EP (M’Lady’s)

Nudes – “Get Me” from Sister CS (self-released)
Hoax – “Down” from 2nd 7″ (Youth Attack)
Crazy Spirit – “Train” from S/T LP (Toxic State)

Dehumanized – “Won’t Stand for It” from Dehumanized CS (self-released)
Grimace – “Crust Fund” from Mustard Gas & Roses E.P. (self-released)
White Wards – “Bad Decisions” from White Wards 7″ (Iron Lung)
Forward – “Shocked More!!” from Just Go Forward to Death (HG Fact)

Big Eyes – “Back From the Moon” from Back from the Moon 7″ (Grave Mistake)
Sourpatch – “Crushin'” from Crushin’ LP (Happy Birthday To Me)
Joyride! – “Morning Riser” from Split w/ Bitpart (Corn Dog)
Jason Clackley & The Exquisites – “Losing” from Split Tape w/ So Adult (self-released)

Undertow – “Instinct” from At Both Ends (Excursion)
Integrity – “Rise” from Seasons In The Size of Days (Victory)
Torche – “Healer” from Meanderthal (Robotic Empire)

Maria’s set starts here…

Agatha – “Sissy Dang” from S/T LP (Rumbletowne)
Bitpart – “Everything Grey” from Where We Are (Corn Dog)
Chin Up, Meriwether! – “Howling Underwater” from Fruition (Rumbletowne)
Hooky – “Penelope” from You Missed it (Rumbletowne)

Margy Pepper – “Hi-Skool” from Golden Webs (Self-Released)
Punch – “Get Back” from S/T LP (625 Thrash/Discos Huelga)
Punch – “We’re Not In This Together” from S/T LP (625 Thrash/Discos Huelga)

RVIVR – “Edge of Living” from S/T LP (Rumbletowne)
Sharkpact – “Spring” from Ditches (Rumbletowne)
RVIVR – “Grandma” from S/T LP (Rumbletowne)
Sharkpact – Ocean from Ditches (Rumbletowne)

Outlook – Side A of Our Time Is Now (self-released)
Bitpart – “I Don’t Give a Fuck” from Where We Are (Corn Dog)




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