Radio Show: July 14th, 2012

Alex Kerns – “Clamor On” from the Art of the Underground Single Series #33 (Art of the Underground)

Vivian Girls – “Walking Alone at Night” from Everything Goes Wrong (In The Red)
Vivian Girls – “Our for the Sun” from Everything Goes Wrong (In The Red)
Strange Boys – “I See” from Be Brave (In The Red)
Cheap Time – “More Cigarettes” from Wallpaper Music (In The Red)

White Lung – “Take the Mirror” from Sorry (Deranged)
Career Suicide – “Watching You” from Invisible Eyes (Feral Ward)
Forward – “Simple True” from Fucked Up (Ugly Pop)


The White Wires – “It’s Been a While” from White Wires III (Dirtnap)
Killer Dreamer – “Boo to that Guy” from Killer Dreamer (45 rpm)
The Shitty Limits – “Survey Says” from Speculate/Acumulate (Sorry State)
Swearin’ – “Here to Hear” from Swearin’ (Salinas)

Cigarette Bums – “The Odyssey” from the Cigarette Bums 7″ (self-released)
Wild Assumptions – “Run Like You” from the Wild Assumptions 7″ (Plan-It-X, Lost Cat, Sweethearts with Slingshots)
Glass Hits – “Battleground States” from Pioneers Get the Arrows Settlers Get the Land (self-released)

Git Some – “Accountability Starts with Me” from the Git Some 7″ (Alternative Tentacles)
White Horse – “Mechanical Disintegration” from Progression (At a Loss)
So Pastel – “Baby X” from Tremulous Quavers (self-released)
So Pastel – “48 it ain’t 50” from Tremulous Quavers (self-released)

Racebannon – “Picasso the Placostamus ” from ??? (The Great Vitamin Mystery)
No Comply – “Straight From Your Lips” from the Compassion Filled Youth 7″ (Adaptive Strategies)
Libyans – “A Common Place” from A Common Place (Sorry State)

Joan of Arc – “Stemingway and Heinbeck” from the Busy Bus, Sunny Sun 7″ (Southern)
Arcwelder – “Captain Allen” from the Captain Allen 7″ (Touch and Go)
The Transmagetti – “Rent-a-Rocket” from Rent-a-Rocket (Art Monk Construction)

The Make Up – “Substance Abuse” from the Substance Abuse 7″ (Dischord)
The VSS – “I Cut My Teeth” from The VSS 7″ (Gravity)
Swing Kids – “Clean Shade of Dirty” from Swing Kids 7″ (label)

Young Pioneers – “Pioneer’s Work Pact” from the On Trial 7″ (Lookout!)
Shellac – “The Guy Who Invented Fire” from The Rude Gesture 7″ (Touch and Go)
Avail – “New #2” from The Fall of Richmond 7″ (Lookout!)

Velocity Girl – “Nothing” from the Nothing 7″ (Sub Pop)
New Order – “Ceremony” from the Ceremony 7″ (Factory – 1981)



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