Radio Show: January 21st, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Frankie B did this 2 hour show solo!

Kepi Ghoulie (Patronaat Café, Haarlem 25-09-2009)
Kepi Ghoulie, photo by Doug Smit (from flickr)

Kepi Ghoulie – “When I’m Gone” from I Bleed Rock’n’Roll (Asian Man)

Fungi Girls – “All Night Blues” from Some Easy Magic (Hozac)
Crystal Stilts – “Still As the Night” from the Radiant Door EP (Sacred Bones)
Accordion Crimes – “Stray” from Songs to Drive Wives Away (Cash Cow)

Dark Ages – “Out of This World” from Can America Survive? (Sorry State)
Career Suicide – “Moron” from Career Suicide (Ugly Pop)
Night Birds – “Failed Species” from The Other Side of Darkness (Grave Mistake)


Thee Oh Sees – “Crushed Grass” from Carrion Crawler / The Dream (In The Red)
Pterodactyl – “Spills Out” from Spills Out (Jagjaguwar / Brah)
The Death Set – “Cold Teeth” from Worldwide (Ninja Tune / Counter)

Psychic Ills – “Dream Repetition” from Hazed Dream (Sacred Bones)
Dead to Me – “The World Has Gone Mad” from Moscow Penny Ante (Fat)
The Copyrights – “Hard-Wired” from North Sentinel Island (It’s Alive)

Punch – “Done” from the Nothing Lasts EP (Deathwish Inc., Discos Huelgas, 625 Thrashcore)
Ceremony – “Entropy: No Meaning is also an Answer” from Still Nothing Moves You (Bridge Nine)
Hawks and Doves – “North of Tenth” from Year One (No Idea)

Low Threat Profile – “Kick My Heart” from S/T (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
The Maxines – “Sweet Nuthin’s” from The White Out! ep (La-Ti-Da)
Luca Brasi – “I Knew It Wanted Gold” from Luca Brasi/Fireships Split (La Machine)

Mauser – “End Of The Line” from End Of The Line (Vinyl Rites)
Passion Killers – “Going Too Fast” from Demo Tapes (Demo Tapes)
Port Teens – “Got A Problem” from Post Teens (Sound Study Recording)

Slight Slappers – “A Conflict” from their Split with Asshole Parade (No Idea)
Timeshares – “Woke Up in Grappler School” from Bearable (Kiss Of Death)
Wavelets – “Bad Scene, Jawbreaker’s Fault” from Athaletics (Tiny Engines)

Mecca Normal – “Man Thinks Women” from the compilation International Hip Swing (K records)
Firehose – “Things Could Turn Around” from Ragin’, Full On (SST)
Des Ark – “It’s Only a Bargain If You Want It” from Don’t Rock The Boat, Sink the Fucker (Lovitt)
The Raincoats – “Lola” from The Raincoats (We Three)

Smoking Popes – “Writing a Letter” from 1991-1998 (Double Zero)
Christie Front Drive – “Long Out” from the Christie Front Drive EP (Caulfield)
Antioch Arrow – “Debuntant Ball” from In Love With Jets / The Lady is a Cat (Gravity)

Scream – “Sunmaker” from Fumble (Dischord)
Unrest – “The Foxey Playground” from Kustom Karnal Black Exploitation (Teen Beat)
Die Kreuzen – “Bitch Magnet” from Century Days (Touch and Go)

Sleater-Kinney – “Taking Me Home” from Call The Doctor (Chainsaw)
Nuisance – “Providence” from Sunny Side Down (Lookout!)
Angel Hair – “You Were Ugly But You Got Cute Again” from Pregnant With The Senior Class (Gravity)

Fugazi – “Epic Problem” from The Argument (Dischord)

The Mr. T Experience – “At Gilman Street” from Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (Lookout!)


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