Radio Show: January 14th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Frankie B did the first set. Timothy Grisham (Happy Noose, Dead End Social Club) was once again our awesome guest for the second set.

Accordion Crimes – “Extractor” from Songs to Drive Wives Away (Cash Cow)

Lenguas Largas – “Yardsale Heart” from Lenguas Largas (Recess)
Post Teens – “Crust Lust” from the Post Teens 7″ (Sound Study)
Dark Ages – “Can America Survive, Part II” from Can America Survive? (Sorry State)

The Steve Adamyk Band – “Gonna Die” from II (Dirtnap)
Slight Slappers – “I Won’t Belong to Your Side” from their Split with Asshole Parade (No Idea)
Mauser – “Lunatics” from End Of The Line (Vinyl Rites)

Weekend Dads – “Desperation Mart” from Weekend Dads (It’s Alive)
Big Eyes – “Since You Left” from their demo 7″ (Evil Weevil)
The Future Now – “The Runaway” from the Hangman / The Runaway 7″ (Sound Study)

Cara Beth Satalino – “Easy” from The Good Ones (Bakery Outlet / Salinas)
Dan P. and the Bricks – “Sweat For It” from Watch Where You Walk (Asian Man)
Worriers – “Past Lives” from the Past Lives 7″ (No Idea)

Four Eyes – “Anchor Home” from the Four Eyes 7″ (self-released)
Luca Brasi – “Old Dogs, Older Tricks” from their Split with Fireships (La Machine)
American Cheeseburger – “If Your Face Was Georgia, My Fist Would Be Home By Now” from the Modern Advice EP (Rock Bottom)

Hawks and Doves – “Another Hellfire Sermon” from Year One (No Idea)
Lucero – “Tears Don’t Matter Much” from That Much Further West (Tiger Style)
Timeshares – “Oh No Not That” from Bearable (Kiss of Death / Kind of Like)

Kepi Ghoulie – “Rock’n’Roll Shark” from I Bleed Rock’n’Roll (Asian Man)
The Bomb – “Hey World” from The Challenger (No Idea)
Low Threat Profile – “The Product” from Low Threat Profile (Deep Six / Draw Blank)

Fungi Girls – “Honey Face” from Some Easy Magic (Hozac)
Passion Killers – “Judging By the Headlines” from Demo Tapes (Demo Tapes)
The Death Set – “Cold Teeth” from Worldwide (Ninja Tune / Counter)

Timothy Grisham’s set for the second hour starts here…

The Damned – “Smash It Up” from Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
Television Personalities – “Part Time Punks” from Where’s Bill Grundy Now? (Rough Trade)
Thurston Moore – “Psychic Hearts” from Psychic Hearts (Geffen)

Lee Renaldo – “Off The Wall” from Between the Times & the Tides (Matador)
Young People – “Collection” from Young People (Kill Rock Stars)
Dolly Mixture – “How Come You’re Such a Hit with the Boys, Jane?” from Demonstration Tapes (Dead Good Dolly Platters)

Sonic Youth – “Schizophrenia” from Sister (Blast First)
The Men – “Night Landing” from Leave Home (Sacred Bones)

Husker Du – “The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill” from New Day Rising (SST)
Happy Noose – “Burning Sands” from album (label)
HPP from their live demo

OFF! – “Don’t Be Long” from First 4 Eps (Vice)
Sheer Terror – “Fashion Fighter” from their demo 1985
Ramones – “Judy is a Punk” recorded Live in Aberdeen, WA 3/5/77 (unreleased)

The Saints – “This Perfect Day” from Eternally Yours (Harvest)
Slaughter and the Dogs – “Cranked Up Really High” from the Cranked Up Really High 7″ (Rabid)

Pack – “Looking for Danger” from Pack (Vinyl)




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