Radio Show: February 4th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Frankie B did the first hour and Charlie Kruger was our guest dj for the second set.

Divers (Portland, OR) at Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA) on 2/03/12

Divers – “Glass Chimes” from the Divers 7″ (Rumbletowne)

The Maxines – “Heartbeat” from the Drugstore 7″ (K records)
High Dive – “A Reason” from the High Dive LP (No Idea)
Wooden Kimono – ??? from the Wooden Kimono 7″ (Perennial)

Hysterics – “Deformative Years” from the Hysterics 7″ (M’Lady)
No Statik – “Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed” from No Statik 7″ (Iron Lung)
Catatonic Youth – “I’ve Had It” from the Catatonic Youth 7″ (Perennial)

Son Skull – ??? from Wiped Clean EP (Perennial)
Nucular Aminals – “ooooh Kill ooooh” from the Nucluar Aminals 7″ (self-released)
White Wards – “Tear the Veins Out” from the White Wards 7″ (Iron Lung)

Gun Outfit – “Work Experience” from the Daylight 12″ (Post Present Medium)
Clorox Girls – “Walks The Streets” from the Clorox Girls 7″ (Burning Sensation)
White Boss – “Meld” from the White Boss LP (Perennial)

Sharkpact – “Service” from Ditches (Rumbletowne / Ditch)
The Max Levine Ensemble – “Firetoowwweerrr” from Ok, Smarty Pants (No Breaks)
Western Hymn – “Underground” from the Take This Weight EP (K records)

Sex Vid – “No Room” from Communal Living (Dom America)
Team Dresch – “Temporary Insurance” from Split 7′ with The Automaticans (Mental Monkey)
Federation X – “Nude Disintegrating” from the Federation X 7″ (Wantage USA)

HPP – “Sludge Love” from HPP 7″ (Perennial)

Charlie Kruger (Overdue Exorcism, Rusty Hacksaw Records) was our guest for the second hour! His set starts here…

Mister Monster – “Over Your Dead Body” from Over Your Dead Body (Hell’s Hundred)

Mister Monster – “The Torn Prince” from the Deep Dark EP (Hell’s Hundred)

Overdue Exorcism – “Jersey Devil” from Emily Dearly Beloved (Rusty Hacksaw)
Big Quinn and the Broken Hearts – “Old Tattoo” from All’s Loud on the Western Front (self-released)
Blitzkid – “Head Over Hills” from Apparitional (Fiend Force)

Vagora – “Ginger’s Gone” from Our Summer is Everyone’s Fall (self-released)
Overdue Exorcism – “I Can’t Take You Anywhere” from 4: The Revenge (Rusty Hacksaw)
Darrow Chemical Company – “Better Dead Than Wed” from A Nightmare on 7th Ave (W.H.B.)

Blitzkid – “My Dying Bride” from Anatomy of Reanimation (Fiend Force)
Overdue Exorcism – “Rot Can’t Unbreak My Heart” from 4: The Revenge (Rusty Hacksaw)
Gotham Road – “Seasons of the Witch” from Seasons of the Witch (self-released)

Mister Monster – “This Night I Call Bad Luck” from Over Your Dead Body (Hell’s Hundred)
Vagora – “Schitzofriendly” from Agoraphobic (self-released)
Overdue Exorcism – “The Videos Told Me” from Emily Dearly Beloved (Rusty Hacksaw)

Overdue Exorcism – “These Walls Are Filled With Corpses 5” from 4: The Revenge (Rusty Hacksaw)




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