Radio Show: February 25th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA airing every Saturday from 10pm to Midnight (Pacific). Frankie B hosted this show.

The Radio Faces – “I’m So Lucky” from Party at the Bushwick Hotel (Art of the Underground)

The Measure [SA] – “We’ve Upped Our Standards, Now Up Yours” from My Heart and the Real World (No Idea)
Accordion Crimes – “Academy” from Songs to Drive Wives Away (Cash Cow)
Dogjaw – “Sundial” from Lightning Jaw Tour Demo (Rumbletowne)
Billy No Mates – “One Wave Short of a Shipwreck” from Duck, Duck, Goose! (No Idea)

Spoonboy – “Peanuts” from The Papas (Shout Out Loud Prints)
Fungi Girls – “Some Easy Magic” from Some Easy Magic (Hozac)
Pop. 1280 – “New Electronic” from The Horror (Sacred Bones)

La Dispute – “I See Everything” from Wildlife (No Sleep)
Career Suicide – “Urban Slobs” from Career Suicide (Ugly Pop)
Abolitionist – “It Used to Rain” from It Used to Rain (1859)
Dark Ages – “Merchants of Cool” from Can America Survive? (Sorry State)

Swearin’ – “Kenosha” from What a Dump (self-released)
High Dive – “I Think We’re Alone Now” from High Dive (No Idea)
The Copyrights – “Bow Down” from North Sentinel Island (It’s Alive)

The Bomb – “Song For the Helenas” from The Challenger (No Idea)
Failure’s Union – “I Fee the Same Songs About Her” from You Know Who (Art of the Underground)
Hawks and Doves – “Say When” from Year One (No Idea)

The Steve Adamyk Band – “Only Wanted You To Know” from II (Dirtnap)
Margy Pepper – “Tiger Trainwreck” from No Boys No Bass (self-released)
Four Eyes – “Pilgrim” from Towards the End of Cosmic Loneliness (Puzzle Pieces)

Joan of Arc – “Gin & Platonic” from How Memory Works (Jade Tree)
Lungfish – “Searchlight” from Unanimous Hour (Dischord)
Bikini Kill – “Hamster Baby” from Pussy Whipped (Kill Rock Stars)

Los Crudos – “Asesinos” from Discography (Lengua Armada)
Git Some – “Fall From Grace” from Cosmic Rock (1-2-3-4 Go!)
Avail – “New #2” from Over the James (Lookout!)

Fugazi – “Styrofoam” from Repeater + 3 Songs (Dischord)
Kid Dynamite – “32 Frames Per Second” from Kid Dynamite (Jade Tree)
Lucero – “Hate and Jealousy” from That Much Further West (Tiger Style)

Wrangler Brutes – “Things Get Fruity” from Zulu (Kill Rock Stars)
Indian Summer – “Sugar Pill” from Discography (Future Recordings)
The Lemonheads – “Two Weeks in Another Town” from Creator (Taang!)

Girls Against Boys – “Kicking the Lights” from You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See (Jade Tree)
Big Boys – “Out of Focus” from The Skinny Elvis (Touch and Go)
Jawbreaker – “Parabola” from Bivouac (Blackball)

Lifetime – “It’s Not Funny Anymore” from Hello Bastards (Jade Tree)
Crimpshrine – “Fucked Up Kid” from Duct Tape Soup (Lookout!)

Jeffery Lewis – “The East River” from The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (Rough Trade)

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