Radio Show: February 26th, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm! 

Broken Water at Nouvelle Nouvelle (Vancouver, BC)
Broken Water at Nouvelle Nouvelle (Vancouver, BC) photo by Steve Louie

Sedan – “Patronized” from the Sedan 7″ (self-released)

Broken Water – “Web” from Whet (Night People/Radio is Down)
Gun Outfit – “Work Experience” from Dim Light (Post Present Medium)
RVIVR – “Breathe Out” from RVIVR (Rumbletowne)

Morgan and the Organ Donors – “Arrogant Man” from the Arrogant Man EP (self-released)
HPP – “Sexual Tension” from the HPP 7″ (Perennial)
Milk Music – “Fertile Ground” from Beyond Living (self-released)

Wisdom Teef – “Beautiful Mistakes” from Wisdom Teef (Radio is Down)
Mutoid Men – “The Wizard Sits” from Mutoid World (Rumbletowne)
Son Skull – from Birth Scene/Rewind EP (Perennial)

Western Hymn – “Come Unchained” from Western Hymn (self released)
White Boss – “Meld” from White Boss (Perennial)
Hail Seizures – “Daddy” from For the Ruin (Black Powder)

Pasties – “I Shot Down the Sky” from Shot Down The Sky (self released)

Howard Rosenfeld was our special guest for the second set:

Wordsworth – “Domino” from the Gainesville Compliation (Lumilar)
Vanbuilderass – “Unity”  from the When Puberty Strikes/Vanbuilderass split 7″ (Toybox)
Moonraker – “Thousand Yard Stare” from their split with Waltz (self-released)

Rites of Spring – “All There Is” from End on End (Dischord)
Embrace – “Last Song” also from Dance of Days (Dischord)
Braid – “Milwaukee Sky Rocket” from Frame and Canvas

Jawbreaker – “Chesterfield King” from Bivouac (Blackball)
Team Dresch – “Hand Grenade” from the Team Dresch 7″ (Kill Rock Stars)
Mukilteo Fairies – “We Are Not Your Entertainer(s)” from Rock Stars Kill Compilation (Kill Rock Stars)

Fluffy Kitty – “Oatmeal Creme Pies” from a 7″ split with Weinix (Cherry Smash)
Jeffersons – “Salami” from Operation: Get Castro’s Permission 7″ on (Cherry Smash)
Spoke – “Hearken January” from Done (No Idea)


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