Weekly Radio Show: December 3rd, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm! Frankie B was the host and Ben Trogden, (Nuts! Fanzine, Weird TV) was the guest for the second hour!

Loma Prieta
Loma Prieta at Transitions Art Gallery (preFEST in Tampa 2011)

Loma Prieta – “Our Condition” from LIFE/LESS (Discos Huelga)

Good Luck – “All Good People” from Without Hesitation (No Idea)
Lenguas Largas – “Just Because I Can’t Divide” from I Feel (Tic Tac Totally)
Know Your Saints – “In It’s Place Was Your Reflection” from their Landmarks EP (Solidarity)

Des Ark – “It’s Only a Bargain if You Want It” from Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker (Lovitt)
Shores – “Allotropres” from To Volstead (No Idea)
P.S. Eliot – “Troubled Medium” from Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (Salinas)


Rational Animals – “Toy Box” from Bock Rock Parade (Katorga Works)
Ex Wife – “Open Your Eyes for Me” from the Everything Was Beautiful EP (self-released)
Night Birds – “Send Me Home” from Fresh Kills Volume 1 (Grave Mistake)

The Energy – “Perfectly Posessed” from The Energy’s First Album (Team Science)
Ten Volt Shock – “People Get Started” from 78 Hours (Bakery Outlet)
Stolen Parts – “You Don’t Know” from the Stolen Parts 7″ (Kiss of Death)

Deathrats – “Give Up” from Give Up (To Live a Lie)
Trainwreck – “Piano Gigante” from If There Is Light It Will Find You (Vitriol)
Punch – “How Nothing Lasts” from the Nothing Lasts EP (Deathwish)

Basement – “Grayscale” from I Wish I Could Stay Here (Run For Cover)
Omegas – “Excessive Force” from Blasts of Lunacy (Parts Unknown)
Banner Pilot – “Western Terminal” from Heart Beats Pacific (Fat)

Ben Trogden, drummer of Weird TV and Crude Thought, who does the awesome fanzine NUTS! joined us for the second hour of music. Here’s his set:

JFA – “Beach Blanket Bongout” from We Know You Suck (Alternative Tentacles)
Bog People – “Depression” from Split 7″ with Vivid Sekt (Fear of War)
Ramones – “Poison Heart” from the Poison Heart 7″ (Chrysalis)

Bone Sickness – “Post Mortem Perversion” from the Bone Sickness 7″ (Detest)
Vile Gash – “Life Rot” from the Vile Gash 7″ (Youth Attack)
Final Conflict – “Your” from the Final Conflict 7″ (Havoc)

Suckdog – “Slut Slut Slut Go Go Go” from Onward Suckdog Soldiers (self-released)
Sex Vid – “Footsteps” from Communal Living (Dom America)
Restarts – “No Confidence” from the Just Gets Worse EP (Blind Destruction)

Living Eyes – “Saturday” from the Saturday 7″ (Rama Lama)
Living Eyes – “8:15” from the 8:15 7″ (Rama Lama)

Dead Boys – “I Need Lunch” from Young, Loud + Snottier (Bomp!)
Gun Outfit – “Like It Is” from the Gun Outfit 7″ (PPM)
The Spits – “Beat You Up” from the Pain 7″ (Slovenly)

St. Dad – “It’s Not What I Like” from the St. Dad 7″ (self-released)
Radon – “Wash Away” from In Your Home (Ms. Cake’s)
The Creamers – “Modern Day” from the Modern Day 7″ (Jolly Dream)


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