Radio Show: August 25th 2012

Campfire Island has one of the best punk radio shows in the country broadcasting every Saturday night at 10pm on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia. Mack chose all the music this week. Frankie B took care of everything else.

Replica (Oakland, CA) at the Palace Flophouse (Olympia, WA)
Replica (Oakland, CA) at the Palace Flophouse (Olympia, WA)

– “Sycophant” from their Replica flexi 7″ (radical punks never die)

Reivers – “About to Snap” from Sympathetic Shock (Vendetta)
La Bella – “Petrichor” from Recomposition (Valley Press)
Mary Christ – “Success Story” from the Mary Christ 7″ (Hesitation Wounds)
Rape Revenge – “Unruly” from Paper Cage 7″ (To Live a Lie)

Ten Thousand Leagues – “Burning Victim” from Split with John Cota (Radical Friends)
Refused – “Liberation Frequency” from The Shape of Punk to Come (Epitaph)
The Maxines – “Queer Mods” from the White Out EP (La Ti Da)



Soil – “Decomposition/Growth” from To Wither (self-released)
Margy Pepper – “Mutual Kool Aid” from Golden Webs (self-released)
Bitpart – “Aaah” from Where We Are (Corn Dog)

Ceremony – “Mothers & Fathers” from the Scared People EP (Bridge Nine)
Lightning Bolt – “Song” from Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
Fucked Up – “Toronto FC” from Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009 (Matador)

Ampere – “Escapism Pt. II” from Like Shadows (No Idea)
Shook Ones – “Who Told Omar?” from The Unquotable A.M.H. (Paper + Plastick)
Good Luck – “It Gets Harder” from Without Hesitation (No Idea)

Coke Bust – “Deathbed” from the Degradation EP (Grave Mistake)
Hoax – “Free the Land” from Hoax (Painkiller)
Yage – “Eyes to a Fist” from Some Things Take A Long Time… (Level Plane)

Initial State – “Feast” from Abort the Soul (Clearview)
Econochrist – “One Sided Story” from Trained to Serve (Ebullition)
Born Against – “Well-Fed Fuck” from Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children (Vermiform)

Garden Variety – “In All Respects” from Knocking the Skill Level (Headhunter)
Current – “Continued Rantings” from their Discography (Council)
Julia – “Tongue Biting” from Julia (Ebullition/Rivers End)

Frail – “Drought” from the XXX: Some Words Are Poisonous compilation (Ebullition)
Portraits of Past – “Sticks Together” from the XXX: Some Words Are Poisonous compilation (Ebullition)
Profax – “Patience/Bona Fide” from the Give Me Back compilation (Ebullition)

Drive Like Jehu – “Spikes to You” from Drive Like Jehu (Headhunter)
Acrid – “June Clever” from Sea of Shit (No Idea)
Orchid – “Loft Party” from Gatefold (Ebullition)

Sourpatch – “Moved On” from Stagger and Fake (Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
Chin Up Meriwether – “Too Soiled to Be Uprooted” from Fruition (Rumbletowne)
Unwound – “Lady Elect” from Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)

Superchunk – “Cast Iron” from No Pocky for Kitty (Merge)
Superchunk – “Iron On” from Here’s Where the Strings Come In (Merge)
Superchunk – “Everything at Once” from Majesty Shredding (Merge)

Catharsis – “Arsonist’s Prayer” from Live in the Land of the Dead (Wicked Witch / Crimethinc)


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