Radio Show: August 11th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Hear it live on Saturday nights from 10pm-midnight. This time, Frankie B picked all the music…


CREEM – “Think Twice” from the CREEM 12″ (Katorga Works)

Mind Spiders – “You Are Dead” from Meltdown (Dirtnap)
Swearin’ – “Just” from Swearin’ (Salinas)
Torche – “Kicking” from Harmonicraft (Volcom)

Toys That Kill – “I Don’t Wanna Be Around” from Fambly 42 (Recess)
White Lung – “I Rot” from Sorry (Deranged)
Royal Headache – “Honey Joy” from Royal Headache (Goner / What’s Your Rupture)

Future Virgins – “Ruin Me” from Western Problems (Starcleaner / Plan-It-X)
The White Wires – “Let’s Start Over Again” from III (Dirtnap)
Grass Widow – “Cover You” from Internal Logic (HLR)

Landlord – “Indeed” from Beneath The Wheel (Recess)
The Men – “Open Your Heart” from Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
Killer Dreamer – “Coast to Coast” from Killer Dreamer (45 RPM)

The Ballantynes – “Misery” from their Misery 7″ (La Ti Da)
The Deadly Snakes – “West Texas Sound” from I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore (In The Red)
Joyce Manor – “If I Needed You There” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Asian Man)

Creepoid – “Horse Heaven” from Horse Heaven (No Idea)
Chuck Ragan – “Valentine” from Covering Ground (Side One)
Tim Barry – “Wezeltown” from 40 Miler (Chunksaah)

Scrawl – “It’s January” from Working Holiday: January a Split 7″ with Versus (Simple Machines – 1992)
Velocity Girl – “Anatomy of a Gutless Wonder” from their Nothing 7′ (Sub Pop)
The Crabs – “Debutante” from What Were Flames Now Smolder (K records – 1997)

The Gits – “Social Love” from The Gits 7″ (Broken Rekids – 1991)
Gas Huffer – “Mole” from the Mole 7″ (Sympathy for the Record Industry – 1992)
Arcwelder – “White Elephant” from their Captain Allen 7″ (Touch and Go – 1995)

Love as Laughter – “Old Gold” from #1 USA (K records)
Soulside – “Forgiveness” from their Trigger EP (Dischord / Sammich)
Shellac – “Spoke” from Excellent Italian Greyhound (Touch and Go)

The Exploder – “Jane Grey” from This Sound Starts Right Now (Reptilian)
Clickitat Ikatowi – “Adjust the Picture” from Live August 29th + 30th 1995 (Gravity)
Assfactor 4 – “Billy I Got Your Number” from Assfactor 4 (Old Glory)
The Trans Magetti – “Yes, I Can Read” from the Rent a Rocket 7″ (Art Monk)

The End of the Century Party – “The Only Reason You Say You’re a Vampire is Because Werewolves and Frankenstein Don’t Get Laid” from The End Of The Century Party (Belladonna – 1998)
Seein’ Red – “Materialism” from the Cooperation Not Competition 10″: a Split with Mihoen (no label)
MK Ultra – “Drone” from Discography (Youth Attack)
The Blood Brothers – “Kiss of the Octopus” from March on Electric Children (Three.One.G)

The Trigger Quintet – “Kill Me Before I Die” from the The Trigger Quintet 7″ (Twistworthy – 1995)
His Hero is Gone – “Hinges” from Monuments to Thieves (Prank)
Amber Inn – “Salvage Mission” from All Roads Lead Home (Ebullition)

Portraits of Past – “Implications of a Sinkhole Personality” from 01010101 (Ebullition)



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