Weekly Radio Show: April 30th, 2011

Campfire Island has a weekly PUNK radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA playing Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore every SATURDAY starting at 10pm!

The Cute Lepers at Alex's Bar 2008, photo by Michael Zampelli

Cute Lepers – “Head Over Heels” from Adventure Time (1-2-3-4 Go!)

Big Kids – “Dad’s Datsun” from Phone Calls (Protagonist)
Chinese Telephones – “It’s Starting Again” from Chinese Telephones (It’s Alive)
Mind Spiders – “Ripped” from Album (Label)

Algernon Cadwallader – “Spit Fountain” from the Hot Green 7″ (Be Happy)
The Pasties – “Tall Tale” from Shot Down The Sky (self-released)
Matty Pop Chart – “Ghost Dream Redux” from Everyone Does Everything (Plan-It-X)


White Lung – “Like Dad” from It’s the Evil (Deranged)
Tragedy – “Revengence” from Vengence (Tragedy)
Xerxes – “Siren Song” from the Twins 7″ (Mayfly)

Des Ark – “Girls Get Ruff” from Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker (Lovitt)
The Aquarium – “White House” from The Aquarium (Dischord)
Teenage Cool Kids – “Reasons Why” from Queer Salutations (Protagonist)

The New Trust – “Breathe Underwater” from Get Vulnerable (self-released)
Medications – “We Could Be Others” from Completely Removed (Dischord)
Brasilia – “Means to an End” from Demonstrational EP (Unovis)

Naked Raygun – “When the Walls Come Down” from Jettison (Caroline)
Shudder to Think – “Red House” from Funeral at the Movies / Ten Spot (Dischord)
Samiam – “Slumbering” from Soar (New Red Archives)

Universal Order of Armageddon – “City” from Universal Order of Armageddon (Kill Rock Stars)
Carbomb – “Radio Bomb Squad” from Total Eclipse (Label)
Heroin – “Moving Parts” from Discography (Gravity)
Unwound – “Demolished” from The Future of What (Kill Rock Stars)

The Make Up – “Blue is Beautiful” from I Want Some (K Records)
Lungfish – “Fearfully and Wonderfully” from Love is Love (Dischord)
Bad Religion – “We’re Only Gonna Die” from 80-85 (Epitaph)

Jawbreaker – “Equalized” from Etc. (Blackball)
Bad Brains – “Sailin’ On” from Rock for Light (Caroline)
Husker Du – “Chartered Trips” from Zen Arcade (SST)

Heavenly – “Trophy Girlfriend” from their split with Bis (K Records)
Kicking Giant – “Make You Come” from the Kill Rock Stars compilation (Kill Rock Stars)
Embrace – “No More Pain” from Dance of Days (Dischord)

Rein Sanction – “Limestone” from Broc’s Cabin (Sub Pop)
Jeffery Lewis – “Seattle” from The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane… (Rough Trade)
The Old Haunts – “The Old World” from The Old Haunts (self-released)

Bauhaus – “Third Uncle” from The Sky’s Gone Out (Fontana)


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