Radio Show: April 28th, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly punk radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Shannen and Frank were the djs this week.

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. – “You Ain’t the One” from Make It Through the Night (Doomtown Sounds / Static Age)

Screaming Females – “Tell Me No” from Ugly (Don Giovanni)
The Men – “Animal” from Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
Outer Minds – “Conversation” from Outer Minds (Southpaw)

Brutal Knights – “Fight You In My Mind” from Total Rebellion (P Trash)
Dark Ages – “Out Of This World” from Can America Survive? (Sorry State)
Sonic Avenues – “Late Summer Goner” from Television Youth (Dirtnap)

Mauser – “Intrusions” from their 2010 Summer Tour EP (Vinyl Rites)
Dogjaw – “Hope” from Slow to Build (Rumbletowne)
Total Control – “Meds” from Total Control (Aarght!)

Ex Wife – “The Kids We Used to Be” from their June EP (self-released)
Swing Ding Amigos – “Hey Genie” from The Mongolita Chronicles (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
Loma Prieta – “Aside From This Distant Shadow There Is Nothing Left” from I.V. (Deathwish, Inc.)

The Hive Dwellers – “Ride With Me” from Hewn From The Wilderness (K records)
Black Sparrow Press – “Get Low” from Half-ass Romance (45 RPM)
Shang-a-Lang – “A Letter to my Critics” from Summertime (Dirt Cult / Let’s Pretend)

Joyce Manor – “See How Tame I Can Be” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Asian Man)
Shark Pants – “To Vannessa with a K” from Porno Snakehead (Recess)
Deep Sleep – “Another Me” from Turn Me Off (Grave Mistake)

Hunting Party – “Straight Shooter” from their demo 2011 (self-released)

Shannen’s set starts here…

Charlie Feathers – “Can’t Hardly Stand It” from The Complete King Recordings (King)
The Cramps – “Human Fly” from Memphis Poseurs – The 1977 Demos (Embassador)
The Damned – “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today” from Mindless, Directionless, Energy. Live at the Lyceum 1981 (I.D. Records)

The Jesus and Mary Chain “Kill Surf City” from April Skies (Reprise)
The Searchers – “Love Potion Number Nine” from This Is Us (KAPP)
Milkshakes – “For She” from Talking ’bout (Hangman’s Daughter)

Oblivians – “Pinstripe Willy” from “Popular Favorites” (Crypt)
Oblivians – “You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down” from Popular Favorites (Crypt)
The Topplers – “Pat McGlusky” from FM-BX Society Label (S.S. Records)

Jay Reatard – “Night Of Broken Glass” from Night of Broken Glass (In The Red)
Ty Seagall and Mikal Cronin – “Drop Dead Baby” from Reverse Shark Attack (Kill Shaman)
The Rats – “Sacrifice” from The Rats (Mississippi)

Thurston Moore – “Hang Out” from Psychic Hearts (Goofin’)
Stains – “Get Revenge” from The Blasting Concept (SST)
Puffy Areolas – “Noble Rot” from In the Army 1981 (Siltbreeze)

Lights Out – “Consequence” from Overload (Youngblood)
The Ramones – “Psychotherapy” from Subterranean Jungle (Sire)
Shannen read an excerpt from “Maggie May” by Lester Bangs
Velvet Underground – “Rock n Roll” from Loaded (Cotillion)

Rod Stewart – “Maggie May” from”Almost Famous Soundtrack (DreamWorks)


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