Radio Show: April 21st, 2012

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Mack Menkins co-hosted this show with Frankie B. Tanner Fit was our guest for the second set.

Econochrist – “Bled Dry” from Skewed (Ebullition)

Downcast – “Hate Comes Easy” from the Downcast 7″ (Ebullition)
Struggle – “Red, White, and You” from the Struggle 7″ (Ebullition)

Frail – “American as Apple Pie” from Make Your Own Noise (Ebullition)
Orchid – “T-120” from Totality (Clean Plate)
Portraits of Past – “The Outlook is Bleak” from 01010101 (Ebullition)

Fugazi – “KYEO” from Fugazi Live Series: Olympia, WA Evergreen “A” Dorm, 5/16/88 (Dischord)
Fugazi – “Waiting Room” from Fugazi Live Series: Olympia, WA Evergreen “A” Dorm, 5/16/88 (Dischord)


Braid – “Milwaukee Sky Rocket” from Frame & Canvas (Polyvinyl)
Jawbreaker – “Condition Oakland” from 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (Blackball)
The Promise Ring – “Red & Blue Jeans” from Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree)

Trial – “When There’s Nothing Left to Lose” from Are These Our Lives? (Equal Vision)
Outlook – “All the Years” from Our Time is Now (self-released)
Hysterics – “Correct Me” from the Hysterics EP (M’Ladys)

Jason Clackley & the Exquisites – “Something Unusual” from their Split with So Adult (So Exquisite)
High Dive – “Sincerity” from High Dive (No Idea)
Whirr – “Junebouvier” from Pipe Dreams (Tee Pee)

Tanner was our guest for the second set. His music starts here!

Lightnin’ Round – “High Noon” from 2010 CDR (Rumbletowne)
Chin Up, Meriwether! – “Relapse, Recovery, Reprise” from Fruition (Rumbletowne)
Dance-Archy – “Cut the Cord” (RVIVR cover) from Dance-Archy (self-released)

Razz M’tazz – “47” from demo (self-released)
Sharkpact – “Service” from Ditches (Rumbletowne)
Outlook – “Living For More” from This is Our Time (self-released)

Rape Revenge – “Beauty Myth” from Rape Revenge (xTRUEx)
The Max Levine Ensemble – “Hate Your Body in 12 Easy Steps” from Elephant in the Room (Fuck You is a Seven Letter Word)
Pharmacy – “Growing Old” from B.F.F. (Don’t Stop Believin’)

Hark! How the Bells – “track 3” from CDR 2011 (self-released)
Spoonboy – “Ghost Overseas” from I Love You This Is a Robbery (Plan-It-X)
Cloudbustrr – “Ghost in Me” from demo (self-released)

Songs For Moms – “With Shotguns” from I Used to Believe in the West (Thrillhouse)
Dogjaw – “Evelyn” from Slow to Build (Rumbletowne)
RVIVR – “Cut the Cord” from RVIVR (Rumbletowne)

Dance-Archy – “Daddy” (Hail Seizures cover) from Dance-Archy (self-released)

Then Frank played a couple songs from vinyl he bought at a show earlier that night…

Broken Water – “Seaside” from Seaside & Sedikrásky (Broken Water)
Screaming Females – “It All Means Nothing” from Ugly (Don Giovanni)



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