Top 5 of 2015: Frank Barber

There is so much awesome music going on… here are some picks for this year…


DIVERS – Hello Hello (Rumbletowne – 2015))
…this is so damn good… it’s punk + Americana + rock’n’roll.. from Portland


HOP ALONG – Painted Shut (Saddle Creek – 2015))
…another great record by Frances and her Philadelphia crew…


RADIOACTIVITY – Silent Kill (Dirtnap – 2015))
…another jammer from some heavy hitters… “If the Ramones were from Texas in 2015”


JOANNA GRUESOME – Peanut Butter (Slumberland – 2015))
…I got on this band a week too late to catch their Seattle show.. go listen!


DES ARK – Everything Dies (Graveface – 2015)
…very chill in some ways… some love music in there, a bit less angry.. so talented


and one of many amazing records from 2014 that I didn’t hear until this year…


BLANK PAGES – Blank Pages (Dirt Cult – 2014)
…recommended to me while I was flipping records at Black Lodge… 70’s style


Here’s another fun one from 2015 for you, since you read to the bottom of the page:

DAN FRIEL – Life (Thrill Jockey – 2015)
…definitely inspired by his son… this is Dan from PARTS & LABOR



got an update about one of these bands?

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