Top 5 of 2012: Preston Pulliam

prestonPreston is an Olympia punk originally from Seattle. Currently he is coordinating the Punk Rock Preservation Society at The Evergreen State College doing shows and speakers. He also has played in several bands including JUNK DRAWER VIBRATOR and SHAKES.

 Preston is rad. And he’s getting the PRPS back together! You should bug him for a well-paid show at Evergreen…

NEON PISS –  Neon Piss (Deranged Records)
This band totally rules. I feel like every other day one of these songs totally just cements it’s self into my head all day long. I caught them at the last punk rock brunch and the totally killed it. This record transcends 2012 though.

PRANK WARDon’t Blame the Rain (self released)
These guys really are in my opinion one of the most talented bands going in oly right now. They are always totally good and endearing and totally chill rad people. Totally love the vocals and melodies really great band all around hopefully they stay around for a long time.

J.O.C.K.No Assumptions (self released)
This is probably one of my favorite bands right now. . Super awesome metal grooves playing with the time signature and stuff. The guitar player is insane, I dream i could play like her. Vocals are a perfect fit with the tunes. Cassie has a super great voice for this band. Really really good. Really looking forward to what this band does in the future.

ZIPPERS TO NOWHERETake it Easy (Plan-it-X South)
This bike is a Pipe Bomb is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time and this record is essentially a continuation it seems of kind of the music the last couple of TBISPB albums were like. These guys played with Dogjaw and ATS at a gazebo in Olympia and it totally ruled. After enduring me gush over them they knocked a couple bucks off a shirt for me. Really Really nice people. Definitely check out Smoke’em if you Got’em if you can.

BITPART Where Are We (Corndog Records)
I saw this band my first day in Olympia. I totally fell in love. I listened to the tape so much the marker started wearing off. Half there set had a drummer the other half had a drum machine. Although these guys are from france they get honorary Olympia status. The dual vocals are just so fantastic. The guitar parts and crazy and all over the place. The melodies and harmonies superb. I wish I was in that band.


got an update about one of these bands?

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