Top 5 of 2012: Meg Martin

Meg Martin is a longtime Olympia punk who is in Dogjaw, and formerly of Razz M’ Tazz. She is also a dedicated activist involved in Emma Goldman Youth and Houseless Outreach Program (EGYHOP).

Being able to see Meg’s passion on a regular basis – both in her music and social justice work – is a really powerful and inspiring thing. You can feel her fire when she is performing with her band or speaking against the criminalization of homelessness at city council meetings, and sense her sincerity and warmth when talking about music or organizing with her. A seriously valuable asset to the Olympia community.

1. Hot Tears live @ Labia Majora
that one time in the living room with the red light and I just cried through the whole set. She performs in a different dimension.

2. Recording Dogjaw – Slow To Build
Playing music with Kendra and Joey enforces the most important parts of myself while simultaneously changing me on levels I do not understand. We are fucking psychics and it is cool to play music with psychics.

3. Attending the National Harm Reduction Conference with 3 other members of EGYHOP.
I was re-inspired about the importance of activism and the true change that can come with a long fight. Things are never stagnant, we are always in motion and at the conference it was clear that this is exactly where I want to be moving.

4. Disparate live @ Le Voyeur the first time I saw them. It was with Dogjaw and Secret Lovers. I am so inspired, excited and appreciative of the integrity I see in that band and those people (all you freaks in that friend group) but god damn Disparate is so good.

5. The Underground Railroad To Candyland/Toys That Kill live @ Fest 11 in Gainsville, FL. So much dancing and a deep connection was made to the underlying darkness of underground railroad. At toys that kill we were all being real bad and the Joester smashed a tiny light bulb. He was a wizard among mortals that night.

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