Top 5 of 2012: Matt Welch

Matt Welch of Transitions Art GalleryMatt Welch started Transitions Art Gallery (the best all-ages space ever) in Tampa, FL. In addition to legendary pre-FEST events, Transitions had shows all year round, as well as art openings and dance parties. Matt used to sing in the band Devout and also played in Anthem 88.

At the end of 2012, Transitions ended it’s 8 year run and re-opened under the next generation of awesomeness. It’s now called EPIC PROBLEM and continues to do all-ages shows and events in Tampa, FL…

1. my personal tour of the DISCHORD house tour by Ian Mackaye
2. electric wizard at Maryland Death Fest
3. hop along at pre-fest
4. iron chic at pre-fest
5. mean jeans at pre-fest

Mean Jeans – “Life on Mars” (preFEST 2012) from Campfire Island on Vimeo.

Iron Chic – “Time Cop” (preFEST 2012) from Campfire Island on Vimeo.

got an update about one of these bands?

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