Top 5 of 2012: Jose Carlos Zarazua

carlosCarlos is a punk and Communist activist who lives in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. His band, Brigada Roja, played the first New Direction Fest in 2011. For NDF 2o12, he did a workshop on the drug cartel wars in his city, the resistance to them, and how we can show solidarity in the U.S. He is currently trying to start a bi-national hardcore band with some Olympia punks!

Carlos is a dear friend who is a passionate, dedicated revolutionary, as well as a hilarious individual with a great sense of humor and is lots of fun to be around. He constantly hypes Olympia punk down in his part of the world!

1. Monterrey Student Movement (begining and developement) This came as a refreshing breeze. Suddenly a lot of youngsters were into politics (even if they were into bourgoise political parties). Having the chance to meet amazing people, with an incredible compromise and theoretical level. Amazing.

2. ManLifitingBanner – The Revolution Continues (Crucial Response)
Never thought that I would have the chance to hear new material. I love this band, and their new album is awesome. A must.

3. FUNDENL (Fuerzas Unidas Por Nuestros Desaparecidos):
Mothers and relatives of forced disapeared people in Monterrey. Had the chance to work with them, talk with them. Strong women and men. All my respect and suppourt.

 4. Zapatista Mobilization of 12/21/12
 Silent and powerful, the Zapatistas have never left. The images and the press release were the best way to end the past year. Stay tuned for more of the Zapatistas this year.

 5. New Direction Fest 2012
the whole fest was incredible. I hate the fact that I missed my chance to see RVIVR for the second time, hope one day I will get to catch them. Lots of good friends, excellent bands and I was able to spread the word of what is happening back in Monterrey. Special mention to Oi Polloi for their amazing set!

Carlos wants to give a special mention to the Grand Jury Resisters, specially Matt Duran; Juventud Comunista de México and the job with miners in Coahuila; and the rest of the struggles around the world. Stay Strong.

got an update about one of these bands?

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