Top 5 of 2012: Jesse Rogers


Jesse Rogers is an Olympia transplant from the postcard-esque village of Helena, MT. When not kneeling before his various shrines of Stephen Malkmus, complete with candles, he’s played guitar and sang in a couple bands, HAIRCUTS, PERJURY, and most recently, his solo project HANDWRITINGS.

He really likes fuzzy indie rock, skramz, cuties, burgers, midshelf IPA’s, and reading his Situationist International books into the wee hours of the morning.

Jesse’s Top 5  of 2012…

1. SWEARIN’ at Grandma’s House (Olympia, WA)
The best new band. Swearin’ combines my two favorite styles of music; 90’s indie rock and snarky pop-punk. They are kind of like Superchunk, but without that dude’s annoying as hell voice. Their show was so good a friend and I biked 45 miles south to catch this weird trashy $1 bus to Portland, where we used the same fake ID to get in to their show the next day. Check out this video of Swearin’ on If You Make It

2. TENDER BUTTONS at Grandma’s House (Olympia, WA)
My over-the-top ridiculous hardcore band had the pleasure to play with these guys this fall. Their abrasive sound was equal parts The Thermals and Gang of Four and live they were a blast. However blurry my memory of the evening is, I remember blood and lots of dancing.

3. THE WHOOPASS GIRLS – “Headacher” CS (Keep It Together)
The Whoopass Girls are a band of awesome kids from Missoula, MT. I kind of consider them my old Montana band haircuts’ little sibling, but they are way fucking better than we ever were. Their new album is bonkers good. I really wish they would tour because I think they have the potential to be the best band in the Northwest. And Ethan is just the cutest kid in the world. Check out this Youtube video of The Whoopass Girls

4. REFUSED reunion at Showbox (Seattle, WA)
Despite the irony of the Situationist International-influenced hardcore band playing fifty dollar a set sell out shows (my friend Steven put it “I got a bone to pick with capitalism, 45 dollars at the door!”), I fucking saw the fucking Refused. Fuck. Despite being old, they aren’t fucking dead, and played the songs with the same intensity as on my worn out records.

5. LATTERMAN reunion at Olympia Eagle’s Hall (Olympia, WA)
Latterman and the Refused are probably my two favorite bands I’d never thought I’d get a chance to see. A bunch of my friends came from Montana to see this show, chug beers in the bathroom and the alley, and then we all ran naked up the 4th ave. bridge. Proobbaabblly the best night of the summer.

6. FLASHLIGHTS – “I’m Not Alone”
I guess this record came out in late 2011, but this is a top 5 and this is #6, so. I randomly downloaded this 9-song record and I’ve fallen in complete and utter love with it. It’s like Built to Spill covering Weezer’s Pinkerton with the best sadpunk lyrics. I probably listen to this album everyday front to back. Everyone needs to listen to this record.


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