Top 5 of 2012: Glenn Papp

glenn pappGlenn Papp
, aka Glenn of Death, is the guy filling your order at Kiss of Death records. A solid dude of the Tampa, FL scene, it’s hard to find anyone more condemning of bullshit and enthusiastic about punk. Glenn is awesome.

… Glenn has been a strong supporter of Campfire Island, tipping us off to the latest bands and occasionally sending a care package our way …

ARMS ALOFT – Sawdust City LP
hands down one of the best sing along punk records of the year. took them years to finally put out a full-length, but it was well worth the wait.
RIYL Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four.

SWANS – The Seer LP
30+ years and Gira and Co. are still dropping art noise bombs all over you. 3xlp of walls of noise that will drone you into bliss. if you have never gotten into the Swans, start with The Great Annihilator (1995)

MURDER BY DEATH – Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon LP
in my mind for years and years i had this image of the band i wanted to form and how it would sound. then came this band. it’s amazing how every lp is top notch and the never get old. hands down of the the best band in the world.

SUNDIALS – When I Couldn’t Breath LP
these rad kids sent us a demo back in 2009?10? and we played the crap out of it at the shop. then we did a split 7″ for the with Caves from the UK and they started slowly catching on with people. this is the 2nd full length on Asian Man Records. jangley indie inspired pop punk. if you love the Replacements and Weezer you need this. they also have a new split 7″ with Tatlins Tower coming out on kiss of death this month (Jan. 2013).

my fave band since i was 16.(i’m now=38) nuff said. lp friggin rips.


got an update about one of these bands?

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