Top 5 of 2012: Ben Trogdon

Ben Trogdon, creator of Nuts! fanzineBen Trogdon
, is the drummer of WEIRD TV and plays in other bands and is most notoriously the author of the fanzine NUTS! – which is on it’s millionth issue. Ben stages epic release parties and generally throws the biggest shows in Olympia.

… OMG Ben is in NYC and I’m worried he’ll never comeback. Oly is at risk of losing one of it’s most amazing and posi people!

ZOLOA at a garage, LA
It felt like the end of the world. The show was in a living space/garage in a more industrial part of LA next to some train tracks. Everything was covered in spray paint and there was a big bon fire outside of the show. I walked in as ZOLOA was playing. The guitarist, who is totally huge, and bassist were wearing ski masks in this sweaty ass room and everyone was slamming in to each other. Out of this world evil, for real. It was awesome! I met everyone after the show and now we’re all friends, but damn, walking in to that show was a crazy feeling.

DRAPETOMANIA in a kitchen, East LA
Kids slammed each other around on the slippery linoleum floor and hung out in the backyard in between bands. The person’s house it was, cousin, worked for Mike’s Hard Lemonade or something and the refrigerator was full of them. We drank a bunch of them that night. DRAPETOMANIA was so good. Everyone was bouncing around the kitchen, locked arms, cheering and chanting. Anton got a ticket for parking in front of someone’s driveway and Hannah was selling super strong weed brownies she made. We left, and she forgot them all at the show.

PERDITION in a Brooklyn Basement
scum drunk noise powerful D-Beat

MILK MUSIC at the Graveyard House, Olympia
I got high off of guitar solos and weed.

ADJUSTMENT TO SOCIETY on the sidewalk outside of Phantom City Records, Olympia
Love watching these bad boys throw themselves around!



got an update about one of these bands?

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