Top 5 of 2012: Aaron Sainz

 Aaron Sainz of Team Science records drawn by Mitch ClemAaron Sainz runs the awesome record label Team Science out of Houston, TX. Team Science has released records by The Energy, Franz Nicolay, Matt & Kim, The Sidekicks, The Measure [SA] and others.

Aaron and I met at Chaos in Tejas 2011 and have managed to stay in touch… He even came through Olympia in September of 2012! We got to hang out at The Northern and swap stories with Ben Trogden, Mary Lattimore, and other cool folks.


Here we go! The top 5 Aussie 7″ singles picked up this year :

1. Meat Thump – Box Of Wine / Feel Good (Negative Guest List)
“If it doesn’t feel good, why do I do it?” The only musical output by Brendon Annesley who died earlier this year. It’s hard to separate my appreciation for this record with how profound Annesley was as a person.

2. Woollen Kits – Shelley / Down Your Street (Trouble In Mind)
This single could fit easily between The Clean and The Bats on any mix. Can’t wait to hear the new LP but in love with “Shelley” I’m in the mean time.

3. Kitchen’s Floor – Bitter Defeat / Down (Negative Guest List)
If Kitchens Floor never recorded anything past this I’d be fine with that. Last years LP was near perfect, and the same could be said for the A side of this single.

4. Total Control – Scene From a Marriage / Contract (Sub Pop)
Highly anticipated release after last years “Henge Beat”. Both tracks are fresh and interesting and will hold me over till the next record

5. Martyr Privates – Bless / Native Son (Bon Voyage)
Debut from Brisbane trio who sound similar to Spaceman or Loop. Not really what I was expecting from a member of Slug Gutz but still warmly welcomed.


got an update about one of these bands?

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