Top 5 of 2011: Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon of Grudges

Travis Bacon is formerly bi-coastal. Now he’s back home in NYC in the band Grudges, but he was also formerly in Sixes out of Olympia, WA. Travis was nice enough to do an interview with Campfire Island this earlier this year.

The awesome shows Travis set up, while living on the West Coast, helped re-establish Olympia as a destination for touring bands.

  1. Xibalba – Madre Mia (Southern Lord),
    this record is amazing as was their set at Rainfest 2011. Sheer violence.
  2. Cross Stitched Eyes @ The Acheron
    My favorite show of the year to mix. One of the only bands that really blew me away this year. New record on the way in 2012. LOOK OUT!!!
  3. Godspeed You Black Emperor @ Terminal Five
    Does this really need an introduction? I cried twice.
  4. Ruin Lust – 2011 Demo
    My favorite recording session of this year hands down. Drums tracked in an hour and half in a tiny hourly practice studio and the rest tracked in my bathroom. California kids raging Brooklyn’s best Blackened Death Metal.
  5. Sheer Terror – Spite 7″ (Reaper)
    Sitting in on the recording of this record was a NYHC dream come true. The Bull Dog’s verses still give me the same chills as when I first heard him spit them.

*photo of Travis Bacon by Stephanie Crumley for Brooklyn Vegan

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