Top 5 of 2011: Todd Congelliere

Todd Congelliere of Recess RecordsTodd Congelliere is the head honcho at Recess Records. He also keeps a lot of musical projects going: THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND, TOYS THAT KILL, STONED AT HEART, and he plays stuff under his own name, too. These projects are super-powered by adding Jimmy on drums and Cha Chi on about everything else.

… Todd is some wild force of nature, for sure. He’s super great and easy going – but like some weird spirit making crazy fun things happen …

in no particular order (all on Recess Records?!):

1. THE ARRIVALS – Volatile Molotov LP (Recess #147)

2. BIG KITTY – Florence (Recess #152)

3. JAPANTHER – Beets Limes & Rice LP (Recess #154)

4. LANDLORD – Beneath The Wheel (Recess #150).

5. LENGUAS LARGAS – s/t (Recess #149).

“and I gotta throw in a 6th one to show its not favoritism!” – Todd C.

6. PANGEA – Living Dummy LP (Burger / olFactory / Lauren)

got an update about one of these bands?

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