Top 5 of 2011: Nicole Kibert

Nicole Kibert, the photographer elawgirlNicole Kibert showing up is the sign of being at something worthwhile. You’ll find her up front – camera in hand – flashing a big smile. Her pictures can be found at ELAWGRRL – her photo site. She shoots SO MANY bands, but her favorites are xhardcorex!

… the fun of being places with Nicole is that she’s ALWAYS excited about whatever is happening, whatever there is to see, and whereever there is to go …

1A. LEMURIA at Cool Hand Luc’s in Ft. Myers
Perfect start to 2011 with a punk show in a town that doesn’t get many traveling bands. The show has such great energy from kids of all ages stoked to have the opportunity to see a band like Lemuria & eat vegan ice cream at the same time!

It had been a long time since I went to a show at a community center where the stage was constructed and then deconstructed by a non-profit dedicated to bring art to Naples – Neapolitan Underground ( I wrote the show up here:

2. Farewell Common Grounds Show featuring AGAINST ME!, FAKE PROBLEMS & NINJA GUN
What a phenomenal punk community event with people coming from near and far to say goodbye to a venue that had fostered so many of us. So special, I even wrote it up here in addition to my usual photos:

3. DES ARK at Transitions – so nice to see a group of kids this in love with the music that they sat down and really listened as Aimée Argote sang her heart out.

4. CRIMINAL CULTURE at FEST 10 – This photo says it all – kids from all over the place singing their hearts out for a young pop punk band they’ve either never seen before or seen a hundred times while friend reunions go on in the background. It’s what FEST is all about: friends old and new coming together through music! Friends through music are the best friends.

5. CHAOS IN TEJAS – This is my only cheat since it is a fest! 2011 was my first year at Chaos in Tejas and it definitely won’t be my last. I saw phenomenal reunion sets from Unbroken, Youth of Today and Univeral Order of Armageddon, sets from current favorites CEREMONY and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS plus a surprise set with old friends from Tampa in NO STATIK. Awesome!!

Here’s the link to my 2011 photo highlights:

and top 2011 records

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