Top 5 of 2011: Matt Sweeting

Matt Sweeting of Strikeforce Diablo

Matt Sweeting is the guy who’s been boxing your records from No Idea for over 10 years. Part of his persistent involvement in the Gainesville scene. He makes magic happen in all kinds of ways by playing in bands (TUBERS, STRIKEFORCE DIABLO, ASSHOLE PARADE, UTILITY).

Matt set up shows for a long time, both the awesome shows and the “give a band a chance” shows, at both the Hardback Cafe and the Utility House before that. He also co-founded Wayward Council, which never would have happened without him.

… I’ve known Matt a long time, and I clearly remember him talking to me about the importance of people making the commitment to stay in a place over the long term in order to make things happen there …


  1. PASSION KILLERS They Kill Our Passion WIth Their Hate and Wars LP (Demo Tapes)
  2. LOW THREAT PROFILE s/t 12″ (Deep Six, Draw Blank)
  3. SLIGHT SLAPPERS Split LP with ASSHOLE PARADE (No Idea) and live
  4. MAUSER End of the Line 7″ (Vinyl Rites) and live
  5. POST TEENS 7″ s/t (Sound Study) and live
  6. CREEPOID Horse Heaven LP (Ian Records)
  7. WITCHES Forever LP (Bakery Outlet)
  8. THE BOMB Challenger 11″ (No Idea)
  9. HAWKS AND DOVES Year One LP (No Idea)
  10. CITY LIMITS V/A Comp LP (High Anxiety)
  11. SHORES –> No Idea putting out three records on the same day!

also ripping –  SMASH DETOX s/t 7″(Prank), SOMETHING FIERCE There Are No Answers (Dirtnap), SYSTEMATIC DEATH Systema 8 7″ (Way Back When), DARK AGES Can America Survive? LP (Sorry State)

got an update about one of these bands?

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