Top 5 of 2011: Matt Murillo

Matt Murillo of The MaxinesMatt Murillo has a new daughter named Ruby Mae! HOORAY!!! But he also plays guitar and sings in THE MAXINES and THE JETTYCATS. He is one cool Texas cat with a garage rock sound. Matt and Kelly (also of The Maxines) were recently interviewed by Nardwaur – which was funny and weird.

… I pretty much accosted Matt in downtown Olympia and just said hello – in a really non-Olympia way – to tell him that the Maxines are awesome. I figured he could handle it ’cause he’s from Texas …

1. Ruby Mae – 05/29/11
I should stop right here.

2. FUNGI GIRLS – Some Easy Magic LP (Hozac)
Precious rural Texan kids that are now outta high school. Obviously played lots of Jesus and Mary Chain records since they were in the crib. No slump for this sophomore LP. It’s stunning!!!

3. THEE OH SEES – Live 9/6/11 @ Le Voyeur in Olympia
Their show fell through in Victoria, BC so Olympia pulled it together for a last minute, unadvertised Oh Sees show at the TINY Le Voyeur. 30 kids (maybe?) showed up by word-of-facebook and were treated to an AMAZING and muscular Oh Sees show. They played like there were 300 kids there.

4) THE BALLANTYNES – Debut Gig 11/11/11
Holy fucking shit! Best debut gig I’ve EVER seen!! Full-on mod/soul ASSAULT! Such fun and amazingly cool kids. I expect big things outta this Vancouver, BC collective in the new year!

5. SILVER SHAMPOO – Higher and Higher LP (Krazy Punx)
Brought to you by the same psychos that brought you The Wax Museums. Cycles, beer, cheap crank, masturbation. Denton, Tx MAKES!

6. PROTOMARTYR – Jumbo’s 7/4/11
All I know is these maniacs are from Detroit and that this video shows AMAZING promise. I watched it 10 times in a row when I first stumbled upon it.

7. SIC ALPS – Napa Asylum LP (Drag City)
Mike Donovan, I love you. It’s also worth the mention that after the band disintegrated on the road Mike drove 24 hours straight to play SOLO for 20 kids in Olympia… was radical!

8. MALAIKAT DAN SINGA – Live @ The DEF House
This one blew my mind. DO NOT sleep on how powerful M.D.S. is live. This show had Angelo Spencer, Ben Kapp, Skrill Meadow, and Gordon Baker backing up the wylde-man Arrington de Dionyso. Like a droning Cutty Ranks trapped in an Indonesian sweatshop. This show horse-fucked me.


got an update about one of these bands?

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