Top 5 of 2011: Mariella Luz

Mariella Luz of K records

Mariella Luz is the longtime general manager of K records. She’s also the founder of the Olympia All Ages project, which operated the Northern venue in downtown Olympia. With the success of their recent kickstarter project, they’re still doing shows and looking for a new venue space.

… Mariella’s really cool because she gets things done – like BIG things! She’s really wonderfully un-hippy-ish too, which is fresh air in a town like Olympia …


Favorite LP:
When Angelo told me that his new record had auto-tune on it I was skeptical.  No more!  Tanger, Tanger is easily one my favorite songs of the year.

Favorite 7″:
THE MAXINES – Queer Mods/White Out (La.Ti.Da)
These guys were one of my favorite bands of 2010.  So fun to watch and they just keep getting better and better.

Favorite Cassette:
LOVERS WITHOUT BORDERS s/t  (self-released)
I first saw these guys at What The Heck Fest.  The songs are great to dance to and the while the 80’s influence is so obvious it isn’t meant to be ironic in anyway.

Favorite Video:
LAKE – “Within/Without.”
This video is so well done, beautifully shot and hilarious.  Somehow the band manages not to take themselves so seriously and make you feel like you’re in on the joke too.

Favorite Show:
Nikaido is one of the most incredible live performers I have ever seen. She is a Buddhist monk that lives in Kyoto so she doesn’t make it to the States very often.  While you wouldn’t use the word energetic to describe her show, she has an energy that is so amazing and rare.  The things she can do with her voice will blow your mind.

 the photo of Mariella is cropped from a bigger awesome one by Devin True

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