Top 5 of 2011: Ginger Alford

Ginger Alford is the super rad person that is 1/3 of the super awesome band, GOOD LUCK. So there. She sings half of everything, I suppose, and plays bass. Ginger was also in the band, ONE REASON – and her new band is TRAVELING. Once, her and Paul Baribeau got toured together playing only BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN covers. Awesome.

… after lunching with Ginger in Tampa, I assume that she always travels and lives life with an entourage of groovy Bloomington-ites – shouldn’t we all?

1. DELAY – Rushing Ceremony (Shout Out Loud)
Technically don’t think that this is coming out ’til January but I’ve been bumping it for a while. It’s gonna rock everyone’s world down with 90s style alterna-rock drop D goodness.

2. DES ARK – Rock the Boat, Don’t Sink the Fucker (Lovitt)
The quiet songs on this album are lush, delicate, and beautiful, while the loud songs are heavy, catchy, and intense. The lyrical content is not light, but it comes highly recommended.

3. SPOONBOY– The Papas (Plan-It-X)
David Combs wrote and recorded a rock album about feminism, Michigan, and deadbeat dads that’s still fun to listen to. Great backing tracks by members of Nana Grizol and Hot New Mexicans.

4. BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! – Vacation (Quote Unquote)
By far my favorite bomb album to date. I can tell that they’ve been recently been playing cover shows as Weezer by the total pop tone they’ve adopted on some songs. I feel like Jeff finally tipped the balance on this album from Funny to Sincere.

5. EMPEROR X – Western Teleport (Bar/None)
This guy asked me to book a show for him in Mississippi about 8 years ago. It didn’t work out, but then this year I discovered that he was still out there playing, and discovered this album is amazingly catchy. Check out “Canada Day” which I THINK is about post-apocalyptic revolution in Detroit.

got an update about one of these bands?

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