Top 5 of 2011: Ben Trogdon

Nuts Fanzine LogoBen Trogdon, is the drummer of WEIRD TV and more notoriously writes the fanzine NUTS! – which is on it’s 8th issue. Each time a new issue comes out, Ben stages an even more epic release party. The last one was in a huge burned out warehouse space and EVERY band in Olympia played.

… Ben is a super posi person. He’s always doing something cool and excited about what’s going on…

Ben says he’s not so good at keeping up with current bands’ recordings, but this
is a list of some of his favorite performances of 2011. I made him stick to 5 things. His full list is on JIGSAW where Tobi Vail has gotten a bunch of great people to put together Best of 2011 lists.

NICKI MINAJ @ Oracle Arena – Oakland, CA
Rick Ross and Lil Wayne played too, but I’m a huge Nicki fan and she
totally killed it! Special thanks to my buddy Jaime who won the
tickets on the radio and invited me to come along.

CRAZY SPIRIT @ Holy Mountain – Seattle
I was so excited to see this band I stage dove off the PA speaker, hit
my face on the floor and got a fat lip.

RUSSIAN TSARLAG / SHV @ Stud Mansion – Olympia
Dang, maybe I was stoned but this night was hypnotic. Intense. I was under the spell.

BRILLIANT COLORS @ Grandma’s House – Olympia
It was like seeing The Beatles!

VILE GASH @ Old School Pizzeria – Olympia
Violent feeling, totally awesome. Gotta even out that karma.


got an update about one of these bands?

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