Top 10 of 2016: Lucas Andrews

Lucas Andrews does graphic design work for posters, records, skateboards and t-shirts as A Flight of Yesterdays. He also plays guitar and sings in KNOW YOUR SAINTS. His band’s releases include a Split 7″ with GREAT APES, the Landmarks EP and the Escape Artists 7″. Lucas lives in Portland, OR but has documented his travels on Left’n’Leaving.

Lucas has been a huge contributor to Campfire Island and it couldn’t be awesome without his help. He’s the PMA king of the West Coast.

TOP 10s of 2016 even though the Campfire Island tradition is to to PICK 5…


1. FRIGHTENED RABBIT // “Painting Of A Panic Attack”

2. JOHN K. SAMSON // “Winter Wheat”

3. SPORT // “Slow”
4. DINOSAUR JR. // “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not”

5. DAUGHTER // “Not To Disappear”

6. RUSSIAN CIRCLES // “Guidance”

7. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY // “The Wilderness”

8. BASTARDS OF YOUNG // “White Knuckles”

9. VOLUME // “Orange Park”

10. SAVAGES // “Adore Life”

1. SIGNALS MIDWEST // “At This Age”
2. CAYATANA // “Audiotree Live”
3. DAVID BAZAN // “Blanco”
4. G.L.O.S.S. // “Trans Day Of Revenge”
5. OWEN // “The King Of Whys”
6. DEAD TO ME // “I Wanna Die In Los Angeles”
7. GREAT APES // “California Heart”
8. BLOWOUT // “No Beer, No Dad”
9. ERICA FREAS // “Patient Ones”
10. MY IRON LUNG // “Learn To Leave”
 Lucas also did totally awesome Top 5 lists for us in 2014 (link) …AND in 2012 (link) …. AND in 2011 (link)!!!
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