Radio Show with Survival Knife! March 16th, 2013

Campfire Island has a weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM playing punk, post-punk, and hardcore. Our special guests this week were Meg, Brandt, Justin and Kris of the band SURVIVAL KNIFE (Olympia, WA) playing live in the studio. Mackenzie and Frank were the hosts.

Kris Cunningham of Survival Knife
Kris Cunningham of Survival Knife – all photos by Ryan Richardson

Survival Knife played four live songs, in addition to an interview. We played about an hour of music before hand. You can listen to the whole show…

Thanks to: Ryan Richardson who stopped by to shoot photos of the set, Nicki Thompson – KAOS Music Director – who handled the sound. Frank Cardoza supplied the patience – as always, and Louisa for being good company.

Sugar Stems – “Greatest Pretender” from their Greatest Pretender 7″ (Certified PR)

Something Fierce – “Warlords of Information” from their Split with Occult Detective Club (Dirtnap)
Neon Piss – “Close the Door” from Neon Piss 7″ (Vinyl Rites)
Treasure Fleet – “Future Ways” from Future Ways (Recess)

Iron Lung – “Plasma Separatist” from The White Glove Test (Iron Lung)
Pissed Jeans – “Bathroom Laughter” from Honeys (Sub Pop)
Ice Age – “Ecstacy” from You’re Nothing (Matador)

Crazy Spirit – “This World is Not My Home” from their I’m Dead 7″ (Manta La Musica Discos)
The Marked Men – “The Other Side” from The Other Side 7″ (540)
Hot Cross – “Exits & trails” from Risk Revival (Level Plane)

The Men – “Open The Door” from New Moon (Sacred Bones)
Mudhoney – “Slipping Away” from Vanishing Point (Sub Pop)
Chelsea Light Moving – “Communist Eyes” from Chelsea Light Moving (Matador)

Moira Scar – “De/Monster/A-Tiff” from Scarred for Life (Resipiscent)
Psychic Ills – “One More Time” from One Track Mind (Sacred Bones)
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – “I Wear Black” from Reverse Shark Attack (In The Red)

Hail Mary – “Nine Tenths” from Glorious Morning (Prank)
Orchid – “New Jersey vs. Valhalla” from Chaos is Me (Ebullition)
Los Crudos – “Achicados” from their Split LP with Spitboy (Ebullition)

Rational Animals – “Cross Eyed Delights” from their Cross Eyed Delights 7″ (Katorga Works)
Trauma – “Soma” from their 10 Songs 7″ (Bulkhead)
Dicks – “George Jackson” from Kill From the Heart (Alternative Tentacles)
Poison Idea – “Taken By Surprise” from Feel The Darkness (Epitaph)


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