Spotify Playlist – January 2015

This month’s Spotify playlist features some records from Lucas’ Top 5 list which are all good jams. I tacked on a couple post-punk-ish tunes on the end ’cause the weather called for it. So here is great music from LITTLE BIG LEAGUE, GRAVE BABIES, HARD GIRLS, TODD C., and others. These lists are cool because you can listen even without a Spotify account, or follow the list if you are a member.

Todd Congelliere – “Wrong Side” from Wrong Side (Recess – 2014)

Fugazi – “Song #1 – Demo” from First Demo (Dischord – 2014)
Cayetana – “Mountain Kids” from Nervous Like Me (Tiny Engines – 2014)
Hard Girls – “Plan” from A Thousand Surfaces (Asian Man – 2014)


Shellac – “All The Surveyors” from Dude Incredible (Touch and Go – 2014)
Little Big League – “Old Time Fun” from Tropical Jinx (Run For Cover – 2014)
Red Dons – “A Vote for the Unknown” from the A Vote For The Unknown 7″ (Gordon Dufresne – 2014)

Conor Oberst – “Hundreds of Ways” from Upside Down Mountain (Nonesuch – 2014)
Andrew Jackson Jihad – “I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams” from Christmas Island (SideOneDummy – 2014)
Braid – “Many Enemies” from No Coast (Topshelf – 2014)
Cloud Nothings – “Giving Into Seeing” from Here and Nowhere Else (Carpark – 2014)

Grave Babies – “Over and Under Ground” from Crusher (Hardly Art – 2013)
Royal Baths – “After Death” from Litanies (Woodsist – 2010)


got an update about one of these bands?

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