Show Calendars

We try to keep a good eye on punk shows and similar things in Seattle, plus some stuff in Olympia and Portland, and a few big festivals. If you’ve got something going on – let somebody know about it! The calendar is actively maintained by Mackenzie and Frank.

You can view this in a few different ways and/or add it to your own Google calendar…



Our show calendar was started in January of 2011, so at this point it’s also fun to scroll back through it to see all the shows that happened.

Seattle show spaces include:

The Black Lodge, The Victory Lounge, Lo Fi, the Nuthole, the Vera Project, El Corazon, Narwhal (the basement of the Unicorn), Neumo’s, Chop Suey and the Showbox. There’s also the Josephine, the Kraken, the Cockpit, The Crocodile, The Sunset Tavern, The Tractor Tavern, and your house, right?

Besides house shows (Palace Flophouse, The Clown Farm, Fort Loka, etc.), things happen at the following venues in Olympia, and they keep calendars of their own events on their websites….

Obsidian and Deadbeat Records are new spaces in Olympia – hooray!
Le Voyeur – restaurant/bar/show space. all-ages until 10pm, then 21+
The Brotherhood – a cool bar 21+
The Northern – the Olympia all-ages project (now back in the Midnight Sun)
The Capitol Theater – run by the Olympia Film Society