September 5th, 2009

Jason Trent brought some new records by, while helping me (Frankie B) find Bumbershoot (happening in Seattle, WA) related music! (Thanks, Jason!). His picks are marked “(JT)” – and they’re all pretty awesome. I also tried to pay some respects to the North Park Awesome Fast which is happening this weekend in San Diego, CA.

The Pogues – “Billy’s Bones”

Brutal Knights – “Done With Music”
Anchor Down – “Never Was A Lesson Learned”
Pinhead Gunpowder – “Life During Wartime”

Jon Snodgrass – “Brave With Strangers”
Uncle Tupelo – “True to Life”
Chuck Ragan – “Rotterdam”

Banner Pilot – “Skeleton Key”
Shaking Hands – “Breathe”
Dan Padilla – “I Liked That Dude”

Vivian Girls – “Wild Eyes”
Abe Vigoda – “Kid City”
No Age – “I Wanna Sleep”

Jay Reatard – “Before I Was Caught” (JT)
Ugly Casanova – “Parasites” (JT)
Akimbo – “Rogue” (JT)

Old 97’s – “The New Kid” (JT)
Mark Truth & the Liars – “Prisoners of  Time” (JT)
The Nerves – “One Way Ticket” (JT)

Bronx – Numbers by Night (JT)
The Dirtbombs – “Wreck My Flow” (JT)
The Kids – “This is Rock ‘n’ Roll” (JT)

Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves – “In the Middle of the Sea”
Chuck Ragan – “Let it Rain”
Drag the River – “A Way With Women”

The Clash – “Armageddon Time (live)” (JT)

Off With Their Heads – “I Keep Falling Down”
Underground Railroad to Candyland – “Suey”
O’ Pioneers!!! – “My Life As a Morrissey Song”

SE – “Meilla Voisi Tunaau…”
NOFX – “Idiots Are Taking Over” (by request!)
RVIVR – “Life Moves” (by request!)

Against Me – “Cliche Guevara”

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