Weekly Radio Show: September 26th 2009

Jason Trent and Julia were in the studio picking out music with Frankie B…

Something Fierce – “Teenage Ruins” from There Are No Answers (Dirtnap)

Polar Bear Club – “See the Wind”
Dillinger Four – “Thanks For Nothing”
The Bomb – “Spacemen”

Star Fucking Hipsters – “3000 Miles Away”
The Bananas – “National Anthem”
The Spits – “Live in a Van”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Insufficient Funds”
Brutal Knights – “Done With Music”
The Inbred – “In The Museum”

Pink Razors – “Back Home”
Lemuria – “Pants”
Samiam – “Home Sweet Home”

Off With Their Heads – “Scarred By Love”
Impulse International – “Tear Down My Walls”
Paul Baribeau – “Ten Things”
Radon – “Welcome Home”

Brickfight – “I Don’t Want to Hear..”
Big D and the Kid’s Table – “Fluent in Stroll”
Battalion of Saints – “Second Coming”

Middle Class – “Out of Vogue”
Fifteen – “Petroleum Distillation”

The Slits – “Shoplifting”
MDC – “My Family is a Little Weird”
Grabass Charlestons – “I Like Cats”

Bratmobile – “Do You Like Me Like That?”
Hail Seizures – “Daddy”
Shorebirds – “D.O.A.”
Shook Ones – “Raised By Woofs”

Cheap Girls – “Kind of on Purpose”
Uncle Tupelo – “D. Boon”

The Scientists – “Swampland”
Black Flag – “Jealous Again”

Sonic Youth – “Candle”
Sleater Kinney – “Funeral Song”
Sebadoh – “Supernatural Force”

Naked Raygun – “Love Battery”

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