Radio Show: October 12, 2013

This is our last weekly radio show on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. We’re moving up to SEATTLE! Isaac Overcast and Tim Grisham were our special guest djs in the studio.

Sisters of Mercy- “Alice” from Some Girls Wander By Mistake(Merciful Release – 1992), 3:24

Liliput- “Nighttoad” from Liliput (Kill Rock Stars – 2001), 3:04
Aphex Twin- “Film” from Come to Daddy (Warp – 1997), 2:57
Ruins – “Big Head” from Ruins (Shimmy Disc – year ), 4:59

Viki- “Dirty Teacher” from Viki (Animal Disguise – year), 3:20
Romantic Retardnation – “Cadillac” from Dance With Me (self released – year), 6:08
Puzzle Punks – “BUDUS” from Xicotepecker(Bomb – year), 2:24
Mika Mika – “Blues Not Speed” from We Be Xuxa (Post Present Medium – year), 3:23

Gun Club – “Song” from Death Party(label) 3:45
The Raincoats – “Mouth of a story” from The Kitchen Tapes (ROIR) 5:12
Venetian Snares – “Kimberly Clark” from Filth (Planet Mu) 6:04

Blank Dogs – “Passing the Lights” from The Fields (Woodsist), 3:29
Mindflayer – “Gore gone wild” from Expidition to Hairier peaks (Orleone) 5:56

H20- “Sunday” from Nothing to Prove (Bridge Nine)
Regan Youth – “Degenerated” from Twenty Two Pop Song Classics (label)
Youth Today – “One Family” from album (label)

Jerry’s Kids – “I Don’t Belong” from album (label)
Adolescents – “I Hate Children” from album (label)
Judge – “New York Crew” from New York Crew (Revelation)

Bad Brains – “Attitude” from Rock for Light (Roir)
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers – “Baby Talk” from Like a Mother Fucker (Track Records)
Cro Mags – “Hard Times” from album (label)

Sick of It All – “My Life” from Blood, Sweat and No Tears ??? (label)
Social Distortion – “Mommy’s Little Monster” from Mommy’s Little Monster ??? (label)

Warzone – “Striving Higher for a Better Life” from Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets (Caroline)

The Accused – “Political Nightmare” from Accused/Rejectors (label)
Poison Idea – “It’s an Action” from Pick Your King EP (label)

Agnostic Front – “Last Warning” from United Blood ep (label)
The Vibrators – “Baby Baby Baby” from Pure Mania (Epic)
Angelic Upstarts – “Kids on the Street” from album (label)

Sham 69 – “If the Kids are United” from album (label)
Burn – “Shall Be Judged” from album (label)
Token Entry – “Integrity” from album (label)

Gorilla Biscuits – “New Direction” from Start Today (label)
DOA – “001 Losers Club” from War on 45 (CD Presents)
Side by Side – “You’re Only Young Once” from album (label)

Uniform Choice – “Sometimes” from album (label)
Really Red – “Modern Needs” from album (label)
Bold – “Wise Up” from album (label)

Madball – “It’s My Life” from Ball of Confusion (label)
Sheer Terror – “Boys Don’t Cry” from album (label)


got an update about one of these bands?

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