Radio Show: November 24th, 2012

Campfire Island has a totally awesome radio show every Saturday night on KAOS 89.3FM in Olympia, WA. Frankie B did the first two hours, Meredith (ECHODRONE) did the shoegaze bonus hour!

Kite Party at The Atlantic during FEST 11 (Gainesville, FL)
Kite Party at The Atlantic during FEST 11 (Gainesville, FL)

Kite Party – “Jaws of Life” from Baseball Season (Animal Style)

Hop Along – “Trouble Found Me” from Get Disowned (Hot Green)
Swearin’ – “Movie Star” from Swearin’ (Salinas)
Broken Water – “Orange Blossom Stains” from Tempest (Hardly Art)

Cult of Youth – “Garden of Delights” from Love Will Prevail (Sacred Bones)
Transzmitors – “A Little Bit Closer” from Concrete Depression 7″ (La Ti Da)
Mind Spiders – “Join Us Now” from Meltdown (Dirtnap)

Meredith Gibbons of Echodrone plays Shoegaze awesomeness…

Brilliant Colors – “You Say You Want” from Introducing (Slumberland)
Sourpatch – “Fun” from Crushin’ (Happy Birthday to Me)
Royal Headache – “Really in Love” from Royal Headache (Goner)

The White Wires – “I’ll Remember You” from III (Dirtnap)
Hard Girls – “My Buddy Valentine” from Isn’t It Worse (Quote Unquote / Really Records)
Dads – “Aww, C’mon Guys” from American Radass (Flannel Gurl)

Mahria – “Justification of an Old Man” from Mahria (Forged in Iron)
Libyans – “Paralyzed” from A Common Place (Sorry State)
White Lung – “The Bad Way” from Sorry (Deranged)

Shotmaker – “Satellite Screens” from The Complete Discography (Troubleman Unlimited)
The Locust – “This is Radio Surgery” from Flight of the Wounded Locust (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Milemarker – “Xanax” from Futurisms (Stickfigure)

Second Story Window – “Executive Realignment” from Second Story Window (Gravity)
Yaphet Kotto – “We Bury Our Dead Alive” from We Bury Our Dead Alive (Ebullition)
pg. 99 – “Mary Get Your Knife” from Document #11 (Robotic Empire)

Mohinder – “Alien” from Everything Vol. II (Gravity)
Calabash Case – “Whole Helluva Lot of People Boogin’ Down” from Calabash Case (Wrenched)
Fields Lay Fallow – “Storming” from One Hundred Years of High Rises (Lunchbox)

Christopher Robin – “One Million and One Watts” from the Christopher Robin 7″ (Repercussion)
William Martyr 17 – “Four Years Long” from The Golden Rule of Silence: Split 7′ with Plunger (label)
Don Martin Three – “Transistor” from the Summer Ninety Six EP: Split 7′ with Moonraker and Hope Springs Eternal (Kurt and Jason / Belladonna)

Moss Icon – “Lyburnum – Wit’s End” from their Complete Discography (Temporary Residence)

Ethel Meserve – “Tacoma Narrows” from The Milton Abandonment (Tree)
Fuel – “Turn On” from their Split 7″ with Phleg Camp (Allied Recordings)

Our extra-special guest was Meredith Gibbons of ECHODRONE who did a shoegaze set for you…

Engineers – “The Fear Has Gone” from Three Fact Fader (Snapper / Kscope – 2009)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “I Feel You Happen” from the Paper Crush EP (self released – 2011)
No Joy – “Heedless” from Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer – 2010)
Oeil – “Strawberry Cream” from Urban Twilight (Submarine – 2007)

My Bloody Valentine- “How Do You Do It” from EPs 1998-1991 (Sony – 2012)
Solar Powered People – “Commercial Flight” from Hibernation (Three Ring Records – 2007)
Them Hills – “All Aboard… And Bring Your Costumes” from Greener Grassing (self released – 2007)

Echodrone – “Gravity” from The Sun Rose in a Different Place (self released – 2009)

Elika – “You’re Not Safe at All” from Elika (Thisquitearmy – 2006)
James & Evander – “The Creative Process” from album (Velvet Blue Music – 2012)
Secret Shine – “Stars in the Sky” from All of the Stars (Clairecords – 2008)

Airiel – “This is Why I Can’t Sleep” from Winks & Kisses: Dizzy (Clairecords – 2003)




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