Radio Show: January 26th, 2013

We did another sick radio show on KAOS 89.3FM this week. Mackenzie did the first hour (and the last song of the show), Frank did the second hour.

Parasol (MA) photo from their Facebook page
Parasol (MA) photo from their Facebook page

Parasol – “Unglued” from Scoot Over 7″ (Nervous Nelly – 2013)

Margy Pepper – “Hi-Skool” from Golden Webs (self released – 2012)
Prank War – “Mountains on Fire” from Don’t Blame the Rain (self released – 2013)
Ragana – “Invocation” from Unbecoming (self released – 2013)

Left For Dead – “Kept in Line” from Devoid of Everything (A389 Recordings – 2013)
Sick Fix – “The Toll” from Vexed (A389 Recordings – 2012)
Weekend Nachos – “Watch You Suffer” from their Watch You Suffer 7″ (A389 Recordings – 2013)



Sad Boys – “Tiny Hands” from Sad Boys 7″ (Toxic State)
Criminal Damage – “Empty Eyes” from No Solution (Feral Ward – 2007)
No Statik – “Everywhere You Aren’t Looking” from Everywhere You Aren’t Looking (Prank – 2012)
Raein – “Se la Notte Sogno, Sogno di Essere un Maratoneta” from Sulla Linea D’Orizzonte Tra Queste (self released – 2011)
Mahria – “Lady Problems” from Split 7″ with Watcher (Clue #2 – 2012)
Synthetic ID – “Waterlogged” from Apertures (1-2-3-4 Go!)

Needles – “Desesperación” from their Desesperación 7″ (Iron Lung)
Society Nurse – “Empty Roads” from Society Nurse (Iron Lung)
Altered Boys – “Ask A Punk” from their Altered Boys 7″ (Katorga Works)

Besoin Dead – “Artiste Inconnu” from Split demo with Jessica 93 (Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?)
ALLIGATOR – “Cycles” from Alligator (self released 2011)
Abject Object – “Past” from their Split 7″ with 12XU (Wee Wee – 2011)

Bitpart – “One Foot in the Lake” from Where We Are (Corn Dog – 2012)
Neon Piss – “Sickening” from Neon Piss (Deranged – 2012)
Tender Buttons – “Take” from Out of Kindness Comes Rudeness (self released – 2012)

Frank’s set starts here…

Lamps – “Dogcatcher” from Under the Water Under the Ground (In The Red – 2012)
Major League – “Walk Away” from Hard Feelings (No Sleep – 2012)
Paper Dragons – “Brain Drain” from Die To Please (Toxic Shock / Firestarter)
Purity Control – “Dear Life” from Adjusting (self released – 2012)
Purity Control – “Insect Life” from Adjusting (self released – 2012)

Waxahatchee – “Peace and Quiet” from Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni – 2013)
Spook Houses – “Try Pt. 1 and Pt. 2” from The Trying LP (Evil Weevil)
Eagulls – “Coffin” from Eagulls (Deranged – 2012)

Systematik – “Death Race” from Systematik (Deranged)
Gayze – “East Coast Dying” from their Black Soul 7″ (Bleeding Gold)
UV Race – “Be Your Self” from Racism (In The Red – 2012)

White Murder – “Real Tough Chicks” from Safety in Numbers 7″ (self released)
Bored to Death – “My Mistake” from Bored Step (self released – 2011)
Deskonocidos – “Acto Criminal” from En La Oscurida (Trabuc)

Adaje – “An Avalanche of Broncos” from Yore Veils (Broken World – 2012)
Wide Angles – “Blue Tiling” from Smile More (Dead Broke / Dirt Cult – 2012)
Legendary Wings – “Nachos” from Making Paper Roses (Dirtnap – 2012)

Torches to Rome – “This is Not a Step” from Torches to Rome (Ebullition)


got an update about one of these bands?

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